is founded in 1919 at Rich Bulding(BLD)
RICOH Imagings.en K-1(K1) Philosophic Imaging Philosophy
Brand name, including digital cameras, telescopes and endoscopes.
(Nombre de marca, incluyendo endoscopios, telescopios y cámaras digitales.)
(Marca, inclusi endoscopi, telescopi e fotocamere digitali.)

Asahi Optical(Opt) Pentax KK (Sunrise Kougaku, kogaku?)

FA(Factory automation) Industrial Lens Products, The Pentax K-1 is the first production Pentax full-frame digital SLR camera, announced
As the flagship model of the Pentax K-mount system, it includes several new and improved features, including a five-axis SR II in-body image stabilization system, newly designed flexible tilt articulating screen mounted on four metal struts allowing for rotation about the optical axis in addition to upward and downward tilt, and improved autofocus and metering systems.

Ricoh has continued to update the camera after release through free downloadable firmware updates. These have added features including a night vision mode and a timer for bulb mode.

Pentax K-1 Spec Details
Lens mount Pentax KAF2 .Full-frame DSLR cameras
Image Sensor
/Medium resolution
size with Maker

35.9×24 mm (35mm full-frame)
7360×4912 (36 megapixels) in full-frame mode 4800×3200 (15 megapixels) in APS-C mode
Image Processing processor
Custom WB (white balance, Color balance CB):Yes
ASA/ISO range ISO 100–204800 in 1, ½, or ⅓ EV steps  
Recording medium Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC card slots with UHS-I support  
Focusing modes areas
33 points, 25 cross-type (SAFOX 12)
Single, continuous, and manual; spot, single-point selection, expanded-area (three sizes), zone select, 33-point automatic
Exposure / Metering 86,000-pixel RGB metering sensor with Real-Time Scene Analysis System Fully automatic, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, sensitivity priority, aperture and shutter priority, manual, bulb, X-sync shutter speed, five User presets,Multi-segment, center-weighted, spot
Shutter speed range 1/8000s to 30s in ½ or ⅓ EV steps, from 10s to 20m in bulb timer mode
(Vertical-travel focal-plane shutter; rated for 300,000 actuations)
Continuous shooting
4.4 fps in full-frame mode
6.5 fps in APS-C mode
Video/movie recording H.264/MPEG-4 AVC; 1920×1080 at 60i/50i/30p/25p/24p, 1280×720 at 60p/50p
Viewfinder 0.70× magnification with 50mm lens Eye-level pentaprism, 100% coverage,
Rear LCD 3.2 inches with 1,037,000  
Flash synchronization 1/200s X-sync  
Battery D-LI90 lithium-ion battery Optional battery packs:
D-BG6 battery grip accepts additional D-LI90 battery or 6 AA (R6) batteries
General AV Data Port(s) HDMI Type D
USB 2.0 Micro-B
Body composition or special features Weight:
1,010 grams (36 oz) with battery and memory card
925 grams (32.6 oz) body only
Magnesium-alloy body on stainless-steel chassis; weather-sealed with 87 seals and cold-proof to -10 °C
Released, List price US$1799.95 April 2016


Elite Guidelines(guideline) [edits]
What's the difference, differences Among (between) the Poors(poor, lowers lower) Middle Classes(class) And Rich uppers(upper) People.
Middle class also included salaried managerial and supervisory employees but not "the masses of propertyless, dependent salaried employees

Pen & Image Pen&Image[Editing]
Pens and Images Pens&Images Special Stylus like wise.
Corp corporate corporation campany
Instrumentos de escrita, Caneta-tinteiro, Pena de Pentel Ball-point(Pt), escritura, Pluma fuente, Bolígrafo(es)

Theta R 360 degrees.[edit]
a camera that shoots everything in 360 degrees. A spherical image or movie can be easily taken in one shot. The camera can be freely moved and viewed 360 degrees, and edited and shared.Visually media Encyclopedia EncycloVisually Encyclomedia, Maps Riko map Rikou Setsuzei Wise Home Cameras Japan, Global career opportunity
( RichoTheta/Richo_Theta )

Copy nachines(machine)[edius]
They are copyers(copyer) that copies(copys) Factory Company
Pro C550EX High-Speed Colors Copiers Dupricators and Inks jets Printers All in one Multifanctions Scans & Faxes Accessories
(Color Copier series Dupricator and Ink jet Printer Multifanction Scan & Fax Accessory)
Conpetitors (Conpetitor) PC- Rush Documentaly documents(document Docu Share)

Rugby Team[editus]
They have
Location Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan Ground(s) Various stadiums Coach(es) , Nickname(s) Black Rams wich belong Japan Rugby Football Union

Japanese Genius (dʒíːniὰɪ/ge・nius・es) Image Geniuses Images in Japan, Riko Rikou[rikō] or Rico[rikō] same as Kashikoi Kasikoi but Critical Imi Kashi or Kasi(expandable expantions, expanda of expantion the world's biggest collection of song lyrics and musical knowledge, Earn IQ points when you contribute. Sign up now to add new songs)
And See also, US Shirts clothes for Old Lico licoh Liko likoh Navy Man and Woman(Men's Lady's) Tees Vnecks(V necks neck) Mens Ladys USShirts Oldnavy
Genius Geni us Sign Up Spread Real Genius(T-shirt/ SpreadShirt Gean) Re al Geni us ge ni U S Tshirt Ushirt Sshirt, IMVU is the #1 avatar social community with the largest 3D catalog to dress up your look
Speed balls ball Standard art materials(material)

Find Zen in Your Pen Corporation[editing]
Rinzai and Ōbaku for the three main schools of teaching Zen in Japan Schools (school), Zen Meditation styles(style) Chill Gifts(Gift)
Simple Notification(SN, NS SND) Service (SNS) Documentation(SNSD NSD)
Daily course for Mu-Kyouchi / kyochi but not Kyouichi (Pachinko / pachinco)
Foods inhabitats(Food habitat) as Aagezen Suezen for Kamado bento kamadoya bentou
Zebra Bic and Parker with Mou Hitsu hitu Fude Fauntains(fauntain)
Hold Pencil Holds Pencils Holding Holdings Holder Holders at Yodo by Yodobashi / Yodobasi Links for link of Facebook(Acebook) Twitter YouTube
Flicker Fotobacket Photobucket Pinterest Linked In Yelp(Price) Tabelog (Kakaku) Instagram Linkedin
Parkers, Parker Paces Pace Arts art

Tax is a national obligation, Progressive taxation system has been installed according to the income[en]
El impuesto es una obligación nacional, Sistema de impuestos progresivos se ha instalado según los ingresos(es)
Fiscal é uma obrigação nacional, Sistema de tributação progressiva foi instalado de acordo com a renda(pt)
Council Tax in Business Rates
American Australian Austrian or African Opportunity Tax Credit(Otc), a partially refundable tax credit detailed in Section of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Pension is locating Beatiful Moutains or near the Lakes (Mountain y Lake)and then Equipting Restaurants(resutrant).

Stationaries[final stages]
Stationarys Stationary

Shops Guides(Shop list guide)
Unites States of America USA
Canadian Canada(CA)
Japan(Ja-Jp)in Genkai Nada
State Council of the People's Richo Republic of China (cn.zhh)
Ricoh Rico Hong Kong HK
Richo Kudara Korean( in South Korea
(Sindoricoh Co.,Ltd)
Kuala Lumpur(KL Malay Malaysian Malaysia)
Africa / Afrika

Pennsylvania(Pennsyl Pensyl vania) sounds like Pennsylvanian Pennsylvania Pencilvania or Penncilvania (Pencilvanian Pencilvanians or Penncilvanian Penncilvanians)

Al Jazeera"قناة الجزيرة الفضائية‎"(الجزيرة‎.ar) is Most famous Arabic Islamic Arabian Arab Islam Media in al-Dawlat Qaṭar(Al-Bida)"الدوحة دولة قطر" [ˈkɑːtɑːr] [ˈkætɑː] more than TheGardian (The Gardian bookmark bookmarks), Libyan Civil War | Liby South Afriacans Afriacan Crisis Africa Spring has come (came), Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes(CICWL), Field Complications and Prospects Mubasher Documentary Balkans Turk AJ+ Our Network Centre for Studies Centre for Public forums(forum)
National Tourism Organization(NTO, ANTO INTO)
Scans Bars appointments(Scan Bar appointment)

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test the code you entered by clicking Pentax's rich snippet testing tool on the Create Rich Snippeted page.go to the Email code section, enter an Email Address and Message, and then click Send

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