This appreciation is an one of Japanese traditional custom in Japan.
We appreciate with these free events of Kyouto, which hold in 15 th September. Held in Botanical garden,
Floral attractants and rewards as mid Autumn(Fall) Festival(annual events), by the central park(patio square plaza plazz) ) Tonight is Moonlighting and Spotlighting stage numbers event .
Get a delicious bun tonight(this night), Grace's fallin is here.

Tsukimi refers to the Japanese tradition of holding parties to view the harvest moon(Watchmoon). The custom is thought to have originated with Japanese aristocrats during the Heian period, [citation needed] who would gather to recite poetry under the full moon. Jugoya watch is Mangetsu Natural Beauty & traditional celebrations Gagaku imperial court dance and music performance at near the Shimogamo Shrine (composite photo) No place could better suited.

The Guest Musicians[show/hide]

Electorica(Electorika[pro:erekutorika]) at Opening Stage by spotlights
is a kyoto civilian and descant electrical fusion or crossover Band, beaty female vacal, electric guitar and base. Guitarlist using effecters that is pathiotic guitarlist play performance wow(wowwow), Electro flanger and pedal electica. basist keeps simple notes.[ja/jp/jpn]
Enchufes(enchufado) y Electricidad(eléctrico) en el kyouto mundo!

Solo Acoustic Guitarlist
hearing and intense performances played under spotlight.
Techniques is so Magical melody and backing
Finnish Petteri Sariola taste Slam technique
Earobic Nail attack technique

Solo pianist
She is Pops professional singer song writer(SSW:Sakushi-sakkyoku-ka) who is provider of songs for famous pop Japanese vocaloid idols. When she was little girl, she has been dreaming a dream of success as pianist.Deepened its understanding of the music and interpretation. The report finally released their debut album. On the day, instead of piano accompaniment playing the single keyboard.

Intensive audience gather and sit on center rawn seats

Celestial bodies appreciation society[show/hide]
We indulge to watch through an astronomical telescope
Nautical almanac calendar in Lunar studies.
Astronomy, a natural science, is the study of celestial objects text book(such as stars, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and nebulae) and processes (such as supernovae explosions, gamma ray bursts, and cosmic microwave background radiation), the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects and processes, and more generally all phenomena textbook that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth. A related but distinct subject, physical cosmology, is concerned with studying the Universe as a whole

Harvest【Nouns】Such as grains, fruits and vegetables) harvests, they gather fish. examples this year's rice crop rice harvest time

Tsuki or Getsu
are Japonés Mes y Luna (en Español)

Plants and botany[edit]
kidachihucka, savory "dishes of meat and beans used as a condiment."

The Guide[editing]
Guides mean infomational guiding of information center(IC), visitor's guided map(maps) which use journey mapping systems for historic sites introduce for engaging places(EP), this place is my favorite.
Do you know Kyoto projective Campaign point[projects]
Harvest by the Patio

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