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Arares and Okakis Sweets
Sweetness is currently a basic taste most commonly perceived when eating current foods rich in sugars. Sweet tastes present are universally regarded as a pleasurable experience, except perhaps in excess. [citation needed] In addition to sugars like sucrose, many other.
However, handmade baked in salt (salty) and teriyaki cooked natural rice sweet which be call Okaki or Arare in Japanese in Japan is very familiar and favored traditional, mundane cocktail. You can buy it at Omiyageya-san(Miyage means Shop or store) Presential nominating presents
Kyouto people is calling Kyogashi or Kyougashi
Kyo y Kyou mean Kyoto-fu,-kashi or -gashi are sweeten nature word.

Etymology is Kaki or Miyage plused polite "O" added as like o_miyage, o_miyageya and o_kaki. These gift shopping will certainly pleasing to foreigners.

Stickley stickcal wodden woody Japanese chop sticks(stick) wich made by woods(wood)with curving your names(name)

Es que el tema del regalo es el nombre que se colocan los palillos(palos palo) puede, Cubierto con un caramelo de chocolate stick "Pockey"es un best seller en Japón.

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