Privacy Policy &(and) Terms of Use Notice

Privacy Policy(PP) is a protection program for individual secrets, for example adress name and phone(telephone) number, job or work, sapose, etc., which seems same as Warranty (WarrantyPolicy). Private person looks like Company's Thought.

Companies, consists of business secrets, such as production technology and marketing know-how. At crisis if they are under threat. Similarly, upon individuals obey important in relationships with friends and family and social ties are many.

For this reason over balance people's personal property is property of the company is the same weight. This is the same in any organization.

We recognize is important to prevent information leakage, and the personal information protection law to stop the malpractices of the company and works the same. Want to know if I say easily, no matter the think natural obligation and not to disclose.

I believe companies in staff education, manual creation and maintenance of adequate care and protection activities for neglect is not. Also have a harsh treatment for a person to violate this as do our efforts to protect. Data Policy for Start Page

Collection of personal information

If you like, we are required to collect personal information.
When you contact us or when the service request to our.

For the purpose of use of personal information.
We uses the following personal information collected from our customers.
● For the communication with customers
● To respond to inquiries from customers
● To provide the services to our customers
● Aboution informed concent needs required and requested as perfect privacy policy

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