is a first class municipality in the province of Misamis Oriental, Mindanao(Isrand), Philippines(code Ph). According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 48,906 people.[3]

It is the only landlocked municipality of Misamis Oriental. The biggest area coverage in any town of the province.

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Situated at the eastern part of the province is a verdant place with a humble beginning coupled with a rich culture and where nature is at its best. The Municipality of Claveria as it is known for more than six decades is a place of marvel for it was once named “TIKALA”, a native term for “wonder”. Tikala was then ruled by Datu Manlumupog, a brave warrior of the native aborigines known as the “Higaunons” meaning people of the land. The Higaunons observed simple living but with high regard to nature. For them, the vast and rich environment they have means life to them and this is manifested by their unique datu system, e.g., Datu for Agriculture – Igbabasuk; Datu for Hunting – Panumanud; Datu for water respect – Bulalakaw, etc. Despite the simple way of life, they were kept united by their Sacred Code named as Bungkatel Ha Bulawan, which under its teaching, land is a gift from the supreme creator for all men, the Magbabaya. Land is life, thus, must be taken cared of under the stewardship of the great, great-great ancestors whose spirits continue to keep watching over it so it could be used for generation to generation.

Commonwealth of the Philippines[editin]
Mancomunidad de Filipinas
Komonwelt ng Pilipinas
Malacañang Palace
(Palacio de Malacañán. Palasyo ng Malakanyang)
Office of the President of the Philippines


It is bounded by a series of coastal towns and a component city. From Villanueva Town to Gingoog City to the north, north-west, and west; Bukidnon province to the south; and Agusan del Norte to the east. The municipality's only mode of transportation is the double-tire jeepneys with a seating capacity of no less than 20 passengers. From the provinces' capital Cagayan de Oro City in Agora-Eastbound terminal it will take an hour to commute to get in the town's Poblacion.
Variable ethnolinguistica groups that are native to the islands or migrants(migrant) from various Asia-Pacific regions. Currently, there are more than one hundred seventy five ethnolinguistic group, each with its own language, identity, culture and history

Claveria is the largest among the 23 towns of Misamis Oriental comprising one-third of the total land area of the province. The current total land area of the municipality measures 825 km2 as per 2006 data reduced from its original of 894.90 km2 base from 1990 records. Territorial land dispute has been claimed by several neighboring areas such as the city of Gingoog, towns of Balingasag, Villanueva, Jasaan, and Malitbog of Bukidnon.

Cagayan Valley (Region II) 2nd District Barangays Capital Tuguegarao City Government
located in the northeastern portion of Luzon island

Cotabato City,
officially the City of Cotabato (Maguindanaon : Ingud nu Kutawatu ; Iranun : Inged a Kotawato) is an independent component city in the Philippine autonomous region of Bangsamoro, formerly part and the regional center of Region XII Republik, Federarism as United Federated States.

The town has a generally rugged topography, characterized by gently rolling hills and mountains with cliffs and escarpments. The soil is classified as Jasaan clay, with a deep soil profile (greater than 1 m) and rapid drainage. It is generally acidic (pH 3.9 to 5.2), with low cation exchange capacity (CEC), low to moderate organic matter content (1.8%), high aluminium saturation, and low levels of available phosphorus and exchangeable potassium.[4

Claveria has a rainfall distribution of five or six wet months (>200 mm/month) and two or three dry months (<100 mm/month). Rainfall patterns throughout the municipality vary with elevation, with the upper filippin areas having a relatively greater amount of rainfall than the lower areas. The rainfall pattern strongly influences cropping patterns and land use across Claveria’s landscape.[4] Naturally the town is the only municipality of the filippins province which has a cooler temperature ranging below 22 degrees Celsius in as much as 16 degrees Celsius and lower in the higher areas.
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Halohalo[haro, haroharo] is as same as Patbingsu(Pat-), sometimes anglicized as patbingsoo, literally "red beans shaved ice" Dessert with sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans(Patt, Patts). Varieties with ingredients other than red beans are called bingsu(or bingsoo/Bing). It shifts to the meaning of mixed when continuing. As its name is based on shaved ice and milk, various kinds of fruits, sweetened beans and sweet potatoes, ice cream, jelly, machete, tapioca, coconut, pudding, rice and corn processed products are used. It corresponds to the parfait and the sundae. Origin is Mongoya of Kara-Yuki
(Cambia al significado de mezclado al continuar. Como su nombre se basa en el hielo y la leche afeitados, se utilizan diversos tipos de frutas, frijoles endulzados y batatas, helados, jalea, machete, tapioca, coco, pudín, arroz y maíz, Corresponde al parfait y al helado. Origen es Mongo-ya, Mi ciudad natal es Karayuki Japón.)

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marriage announcement: Recount
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kasal de sa tawag: amonestaciones Tagalog [Tag] o matrimonio aviso iglesia parroquial, que tres veces domingo a anunciar el matrimonio. Pueden ser novia de conflictos(Objeciones supuestas, Una objeción De la presunta)
Gestión de Acountment
Matrimonio boda hombres traje y nudo de la corbata de lazo,
Señora blanca como la nieve de la boda, un sacerdote lee la Biblia y hace votos perpetuos. En mi mente, celebra una inspiración feliz

El Salvador, Misamis Oriental[editing]
(Cebuano: Dakbayan sa El Salvador; Filipino: Lungsod ng El Salvador) is a city in the province of Misamis Oriental on the island of Mindanao
(i / m ɪ n d ə ˈ n aʊ /; Tagalog pronunciation: [minˈdɐnaw]) is the second largest, major island, It is also the name of one of the three island groups, It was one of the first two towns in Mindanao to be converted, other was Zamboanga
Capital capiture is Davao city
Mount Sumagaya Claveria
Standard Geographic Code Philippine Census Information is Located just 588 miles to the southwest from Manila is the beautiful city, which is situated on the southeastern part, noted for many wonderful features, especially “Mount Apo” which provides many fruits.

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From Middle English town, toun, from Old English tūn ‎(“enclosure, garden”), from Proto-Germanic *tūną ‎(“fence”) (compare West Frisian tún, Dutch tuin ‎(“garden”), German Zaun, Danish/Swedish tun), from Gaulish dunon ‎(“hill, hillfort”) (compare Welsh din ‎(“hill”), Irish dún ‎(“fortress”)), from Proto-Celtic *dūnom, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰewh₂- ‎(“to finish, come full circle”).
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Food culture[editors]
Foods Restaurant Cuisine
(Restaurants Cuisines)
Tropical fruits: Avocado Banana Durian[like Dorian, panya] Kiwi Alfons, Alphonse Mango[noun] Papaya[pro-Papaia]
Mucho musha mucha European eating cut by sharp nife. Avocados Bananas Durians[likes Dorians, panyas] Kiwis Mangos[nouns] Papayas[pros-Papaias]

Main traffic are Jipney(Jipnies Jipnys) Jeepney(Jeepnies Jeepnys) , are not jeeps jeep customized kei-trucks(truck), keitru keitra , noriai-taxi cab or bus(urban taxis cabs or rural buses)

Claveria is politically subdivided into 24 barangays.[2]

Santa Cruz

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linguistic linguical lingua
Tagalog(Translation and Examples)

Although Cebuano or Binisaya/Bisaya is widely spoken in Claveria, majority of the population can speak Filipino the national language and as well as English which is commonly use in schools and government offices. There is a native tribe in the municipality that has their own dialect, the Higaonons which also speaks their "Binukid" tongue or Higaonon language. Binisaya/Bisaya is the conversational language incoparated spoken by Claverians at home Travel incorporated, Called Mindanao’s nature front, Misamis Oriental is home to fine beaches, fertile mountains and lush forest reserves, interesting dive sites, caves that wait to be explored, and a diverse culture that begs to be experienced.

Private Schools[edit]
Our Lady of Lourdes Academy of Claveria
Cherubems Learning Center Inc.
Doalnara Agricultural Academy
Forecasting And Planning Technologies Inc
Central Schools[edit]
Claverian Central School
Mat-i Central School

Public Secondary Schools[edit]
Mat-i National High School
Aposkahoy National High School
Rizal National High School
Hinaplanan National High School
Malagana National High School
Patrocinio National High School
Dr. Gerardo Sabal Memorial National High School free digital bank banks stock stocks img image images photo photos pic pics jpg jpeg

The Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA [, through the Police Community Affairs and Development Group
, has taken decisive action to prevent our young people from getting submerged into the illegal drugs trade and to protect them against the exploitation of the left leaning organizations by establishing the Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terorismo or KKDAT as a nationwide movement intent of empowering

Misamis Oriental ajia powerful round State College of Agriculture and Technology (MOSCAT)

Philippinous Ambiguity
Is the correct spelling, Republic of the Philippines.
(i / ˈ f ɪ l p iː n z /; Filipino: Pilipinas [ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs]),
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is a Philippine mobile phone and electronics brand by Cosmic Technologies, established by Maynard Ngu in two thousands nine. In two thousand ten, barely two years after it started, Cherry Mobile was voted IT Company of the Year in the 3rd CyberPress Awards, upstaging some of the country's technology giants. The company imports mobile phones manufactured by original design manufacturers in Abroad and markets them under the Cherry Mobile brand. Most of Cherry Mobile's current lineup come with Wi-Fi, capacitive touch screens and run on the Android, Windows, and Windows Phone operating systems; a line of smart feature phones run.

Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA)
is the premier learning and training institution for future servant-leaders of the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.
(Tagalog : Akademiyang Pampulisya ng Pilipinas) or PNPA, is the Philippine public safety school of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations specialized agency

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Tarlac State University
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Weddings in the Philippines
When My Bridegroom Comes
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^ MannirasMenus ManilansMenus ManiranMenus ManiraMenus MannirasMenu ManilansMenu ManiranMenu ManiraMenu Manniras_Menus Manilans_Menus Maniran_Menus Manira_Menus Manniras_Menu Manilans_Menu Maniran_Menu Manira_Menu
^ ManilasMenus ManilansMenus ManilanMenus ManilaMenus ManilasMenu ManilansMenu ManilanMenu ManilaMenu Manilas_Menus Manilans_Menus Manilan_Menus Manila_Menus Manilas_Menu Manilans_Menu Manilan_Menu Manila_Menu
^ PurposeofaPhilippinesPage PurposeofaPhilippinePage PurposeofaFilipinosPage PurposeofaFilipinoPage
Purpose_of_a_Philippines_Page Purpose_of_a_Philippine_Page Purpose_of_a_Filipinos_Page Purpose_of_a_Filipino_Page
^ JapanesePhilipinos JapanesePhilipino Japanesefilipinos Japanesefilipino FilipinosinJapan FilipinoinJapan
Japanese_Philipinos Japanese_Philipino Japanese_filipinos Japanese_filipino Filipinos_in_Japan Filipino_in_Japan
^ PhilippinesPiti PhilippinePiti PhilipinesPiti PhilipinePiti PhillippinesPiti PhillippinePiti PhillipinesPiti PhillipinePiti
Philippines_Piti Philippine_Piti Philipines_Piti Philipine_Piti Phillippines_Piti Phillippine_Piti Phillipines_Piti Phillipine_Piti
p.i.l.i.p.i.n p.i.t.s p.i.t
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Seiei haku kou hakukou,
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pen.Ph_Menus.en pen.Ph_Menuen pen.Fi_Menus.en pen.Fi_Menu.en
^ ines ine kari
^ islandLonely/island_Lonely islandsLonely/islands_Lonely
^ kagayanofficial/kagayan_official kagayanoffic/kagayan_offic
^ kagayaofficial/kagaya_official kagayaoffic/kagaya_offic
kagaofficial/kaga_official kagaoffic/kaga_offic
^ Lipstick/Lip_stick Lipsstick/Lips_stick
Lipsticks/Lip_sticks Lipssticks/Lips_sticks
^ LonleyIsland/Lonley_Island LonleyIslands/Lonley_Islands
^ lone ly ness lon ley Lonley/lon_ley leylon/ley_lon Lonleys/lon_leys leyslon/leys_lon
Lonsleys/lons_leys leyslons/leys_lons
Lonsley/lons_ley leylons/ley_lons
^ Mindanaoisland/Mindanao_island
Marina garden Mg updated review reviews re view views El nido MaryGold Palawan, Beachfront Inn
^ OfficialAsian/Official_Asian OfficialAsian/Official_Asian
^ Capitalcapiture/Capital_capiture comph comco
[ [www.comph[www.comph.html [ [www.comco[www.comco.html
^ Cathoderaytube/Cathode_ray_tube
[ [ [ [ [ [fttp:// [fttps://
^ Claveria changes Kuraverian kuraveria by kuraverians
as like Kurabel Kurabelian kurabelia by Kulabelians
See also says Kuraber Kuraberian Kuraberian by Kuraberians
PatioClaveria/Patio_Claveria officialPatioClaveria/official_Patio_Claveria
^ CheapCarInsurance/Cheap_Car_Insurance
theCheapCarInsurancemarket/the_Cheap_Car_Insurance_market Quotes and saveComparethemarket
^ codePh/code_ph, 24barangay/24_barangays
^ Fresh Jerkys are jarky jark jank jerk kerky
FreshJerky/Fresh_Jerky FreshJerkys/Fresh_Jerkys
Fipatios Fhipatios Fipathios Fhipathios Fipatio Fhipatio Fipathio Fhipathio
^ asiansipo asianipo asiaipo asians_ipo asian_ipo asia_ipo asians.ipo asian.ipo asia.ipo asiansipoph asianipoph asiaipoph asiansipofi asianipofi asiaipofi asiansipopj asianipopj asiaipopj asiansipojp asianipojp asiaipojp, asiansipo_ph asianipo_ph asiaipo_ph asiansipo_fi asianipo_fi asiaipo_fi asiansipo_pj asianipo_pj asiaipo_pj asiansipo_jp asianipo_jp asiaipo_jp, asiansipo.pj asianipo.pj asiaipo.pj, asians_ipo.pj asian_ipo.pj asia_ipo.pj
^ Phgr Figr Ph_gr Fi_gr Phgree Figree Ph_gree Fi_gree Ph.gree Fi.gree Phgreen Figreen Ph_green Fi_green , Phgreens Figreens Ph_greens Fi_greens Ph.greens Fi.greens Phgro Figro Ph_gro Fi_gro Ph.gro Fi.gro Phup Fiup Ph_up Fi_up Ph.up Fi.up
^ kənte ɪn henka ~s {~z}; ~ed {~d}; ~・ingsentense of hen ka contain(contains) containing contained con-tain -tains -taining -tainedHenka is somotimes callde Kahen as Variable capacitors(capacitor)[condensa kondensa]
[ [
^ Asian Power Asians Powers
AsianPower/Asian_Power, AsianPowers/Asian_Powers
^ NationalPoliceAcademy
Seemoreof/See_more_of Seemore/See_more
Seamoreof/Sea_more_of Seamore/Sea_more
^ NewAsia/New_Asia
^ Ilovesoftwear/I_love_softwear welovesoftwear/we_love_softwear
Ilovehardwear/I_love_hardwear welovehardwear/we_love_hardwear
^ LightFlight/Light_Flight LightFlightinc/Light_Flight_inc
^ LittleIsland/Little_Island
^ LuzonIsland/Luzon_Island TravelPhilipinas/Travel_Philipinas
^ LonelyFly/Lonely_Fly LonelyFlight/Lonely_Flight LonelyFlights/Lonely_Flights
^ PatioKlaveria/Patio_Klaveria KlaveriaPatio/Klaveria_Patio Pwi Arc ati po p world
pworld Overseas Employment Administration
^ Manufacturer Authorized Brands Retailer
crutch field pedal break pedalfield breakfieled
^ MiddleEast/Middle_East MiddlerEastern/Middler_Eastern
^ NaFlight FlightNa Na_Flight Flight_Na
NaFlights FlightsNa Na_Flights Flights_Na
NaFly FlyNa(Na_Fly Fly_Na)
^ Nila Nira Nilaks Niraks Nilax Nirax,
^ Pat Pats Pati Patif Patio Patios Patif Patiof Patip Patips Patipf Patipos patipof offic-ial ofic oficial oficials
Pipatios Phipatios Pipathios Phipathios Pipatio Phipatio Pipathio Phipathio
^ PatioClaveria/Patio_Claveria ClaveriaPatio/Claveria_Patio
^ Pan Pacific is pananism, pananismo(shorten pana-nism nismo) Patic patiotic pational patitious patinous patitial patitials patina pationa patinous
^ PhilippineNationalPoliceAcademy /Philippine_National_Police_Academy._PNPA
TheShop TheStore The.Shop The.Store The_Shop The_Store
^ Philippinesofficial/Philippines_official
^ Pjpathios Pjpahtio Pjpatios Pjpatio Pj_pathios Pj_pahtio Pj_patios Pj_patio Pj.pathios Pj.pahtio Pj.patios Pj.patio Pj_pathios Pj_pahtio Pj_patios Pj_patio, Pjpathiospj Pjpahtiopj Pjpatiospj Pjpatiopj Pjpathiosjp Pjpahtiojp Pjpatiosjp Pjpatiojp Pjpathiosfi Pjpahtiofi Pjpatiosfi Pjpatiofi Pjpathiosph Pjpahtioph Pjpatiosph Pjpatioph Pjpathiosasia Pjpahtioasia Pjpatiosasia Pjpatioasia, Pjpathios_pj Pjpahtio_pj Pjpatios_pj Pjpatio_pj Pjpathios_jp Pjpahtio_jp Pjpatios_jp Pjpatio_jp Pjpathios_fi Pjpahtio_fi Pjpatios_fi Pjpatio_fi Pjpathios_ph Pjpahtio_ph Pjpatios_ph Pjpatio_ph Pjpathios_asia Pjpahtio_asia Pjpatios_asia Pjpatio_asia, Pjpathios.pj Pjpahtio.pj Pjpatios.pj Pjpatio.pj
^ thephilippines/the_philippines thephilippinescom/the_philippines_com philippinescom/philippines_com
^ Paste in bin bibinba banbi Pastebin Pastein pastabin postbin binbin inin
past kako binpaste binpast inpaste inpast cako caco coca cocain cocoa cacao kokoa kakao koka kokain
^ Phil Phils Philen(en) Philes (es)
^ Price Pricecom PhPricecom phpricepricecom/ph_price_price_dot_com
^ pravel/en/latestnews/latest_news ptravel/p_travel
pravelguide/es/platestnews/p_latest_news ptravelguide/p_travel_guide
^ Tipo Pitipo ipo itipo Otipo Oitipo
Slideshow/slide_show MySlide/My_Slide MySlideby/My_Slide_by MySlideshow/My_Slide_show Androidcapacitivetouchscreens 3rdCyberPressAwards countrystechnologygiants Android_capacitive_touch_screens 3rd_CyberPress_Awards 3rd_Cyber_Press_Awards countrys_technology_giants
^ Runwaysignal/Run_way_signals
SeemoreofPatipo/See_more_of_Patipo SeemoreofPathipo/See_more_of_Pathipo
SeamoreofPatipo/Sea_more_of_Patipo SeamoreofPathipo/Sea_more_of_Pathipo
SeemoreofPatipoNPA/See_more_of_Patipo_NPA SeemoreofPathipoNPA/See_more_of_Pathipo_NPA
SeamoreofPatipoNPA/Sea_more_of_Patipo_NPA SeamoreofPathipoNPA/Sea_more_of_Pathipo_NPA
^ ttp ttps resort resorts sort sorts
resorting sorting resortings sortings resorter sorter resoters soters
encyclopedia encyclopaedia encyclopedi encyclopaedi encyclo enciclo encicro ciclo cicro rocic locic crochan clochan chan
Topph Topsph Tops.asians Tops.asians Ph.Tops.asians Ph.Tops.asians, To.pph Topph Top.asians Top.asians Ph.Top.asians Ph.Top.asians
Twph Phtw Tw_ph Ph_tw
^ Patio Pacific Boracay Henan henann trip advisor ad ads Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Tripadvisor PatioPacific PacificBoracay
^ Patyo patyos Pathio pathios phatio phatios phathio phathios phatyo phatyos fatio fatios fatyo fatyos phja phjp ph_ja ph_jp ph.ja ph. jpjaph jpph ja_ph jp_ph
^ pictures picture dealer dealers(PD) picturedealer/picture_dealer
Find a Dealer FindaDealer/Find_a_Dealer FindaDealers/Find_a_Dealers
^ researchgate re search sea rch ga te gateresearch gasearch research searchga searchre searchr searchg sqph phsq sq_ph ph_sq ph.sq phsqu squph ph_squ sq_uph ph.squ Patipo_Pathoo_ward_for_patiopit_filipino_delitious_donguri_nuts_menu_(
^ sam sams same sames club clubs samsclub/sam_s_club samclub/sam_club
samsclubs samclubs sameclub sameclubs
samesclub samesclubs samsite samsites samesite samesites samessite samssites
^ urbantaxis deth urbancabs ors urbanbuses
urbantaxi urbancab or urbanbuses
urbandictionary urbantaxicab urbancabtaxi
urband ictionary urbant axicab urbanca btaxi
band ic tionary ur bant axicab banca bt axi
ic tionary bands , xicab full text xi of anca ant btly ants axis tant tants
^ Real URL Realurl Urlreal rea rare re al Ur do urdo rlr lrl er ea erea eaer rera rerax rarex
^ reaseat/rea_seat reaseats/rea_seats
^ ruraltaxis ruralcabs sor ruralbuses
ruraltaxi ruralcab or ruralbuse
ruraldictionary/rural_dictionary ruraltaxicab/rural_taxicab ruralcabtaxi/rural_cabtaxi phpi piph ph_pi pi_ph
dyi idy iyd id ydi yid dYIcom
^ saveComparethemarket/save_Comparethemarket
filipino.ja filipino.asi
SensatoStore/Sensato_Store SensatoShop/Sensato_Shop SensatoShoping/Sensato_Shoping SensatoBoutique/Sensato_Boutique
^ ShopSensato/Shop_Sensato
^ StoreSensato/Store_Sensato
^ StarwoodPreferredGuest/Starwood_Preferred_Guest
starwoodpreferhotel/starwood_prefer_hotel starwoodpreferhotels/starwood_prefer_hotels
starwoodpreferedhotel/starwood_prefered_hotel starwoodpreferhotels/starwood_prefer_hotels
^ Strawhat/Straw_hat Strawhats/Straw_hats
Strawshat/Straws_hat Strawshats/Straws_hats
^ Sunvisor/sun_visor Sunvisors/sun_visors
^ TIKALA is pronounced as [pro-nounce Chikara chikala powered by by Dictionary chikarapro nounces of TIKALApro]
^ AsiaTravels/Asia_Travels TravelsAsia/Travels_Asia AsiaTravel/Asia_Travel TravelAsia/Travel_Asia
AsiaTravel/Asia_Travel TravelAsian/Travel_Asian
^ Menudomain_com Menu_domain_com patiomen_com_/_domain_menu patiowomen_com_/_domain_menu patiomenu_com_/_filipingo patiofilipingo_._com_/_menu patio_filipin_go_._com_/_menu
^ tri p ad
^ EastTravel/East_Travel Easttravels/East_travels Easttraveler/East_traveler Easttravelers/East_travelers
EasternTravel/Eastern_Travel Easterntravels/Eastern_travels Easterntraveler/Eastern_traveler Easterntravelers/Eastern_travelers
^ Le Patio Boutique Hotel( le-patiohotelcom/lepatiohotel.lepatiohotelcom) Pitp.atio.p
^ Revista d'Conai(konai) coni(koni) conie(konie)conika(conika)
Conaif(konaif) conif(konif) conief(konief)conikaf(conikaf)
^ pjjp(pj-jp)change jppj(jp-pj)
^ Patio Victoria: Wedding Venues in Manila
PatioVictoria: WeddingVenuesinManila
Patio_Victoria: Wedding_Venues_in_Manila
^ VRFi VRPh FiVR PhVR VR_Fi VR_Ph Fi_VR Ph_VR VR.Fi VR.Ph Fi.VR Ph.VR AsiansVR AsianVR AsiaVR Asians_VR Asian_VR Asia_ns_VR Asia_n_s_VR Asia_n_VR Asia_VR Asians.VR Asian.VR Asia.VR Asia.ns.VR Asia.n.VR, AsiansVRfi AsianVRfi AsiaVRfi AsiansVRph AsianVRph AsiaVRph, AsiansVR_fi AsianVR_fi AsiaVR_fi AsiansVR_ph AsianVR_ph AsiaVR_ph
^ WithoneLDoubleP/With_one_L_Double_P
^ I'm Iranslator(Im, ImTranslator, Who is Mark Free translation WhoisMark Freetranslation, Freetranslationnet)
^ We are patios weare WePatios WePatio WearePatios WearePatio WePatipos WePatipo WearePatipos WearePatipo we_are We_Patios We_Patio We_are_Patios We_are_Patio We_Patipos We_Patipo We_are_Patipos We_are_Patipo
^ WeddingsinthePhilippines/Weddings_in_the_Philippines
PatioVictoria/Patio_Victoria. PathioVictoria/Pathio_Victoria. PatiosVictoria/Patios_Victoria
^ yellow Yellowcab/Yellow_cab Yellowcabs/Yellow_cabs
Yellowtaxi/Yellow_taxi Yellowtaxis/Yellow_taxis
Yellowbus/Yellow_bus Yellowbuses/Yellow_buses
Taxicab/Taxi_cab Taxicabs/Taxi_cabs Yoph