Spheres three dimensions and cordinates
Sphere is represented by Spherical round Earth(one of planet) or Other planets in the Milky Way Space in English .A sphere (from Greek σφαῖρα — sphaira, "Global globe, ball")
Solar System which is including Sun is having natural satellite has orbit but no moons cases that have found in the stars are existing galactic interacting Galaxy or another galaxies that interacts across disciplines. Please begin out from start initial point (departure position) and finish the terminal(plural form: terminus)

Birth of planate and Interacting galaxy collisions
Gallactic interact[inter・act] Gallaxy or anothers gallaxies
galaxias (γαλαξίας, "milky one" in Greek), or kyklos galaktikos ("milky circle") due to its appearance as a "milky" band of light in the sky path.

Is that an important role of astronomy, astronomical observations determined the exact time and make an accurate calendar. You need to this astronomical meeting, infested and South-Central time observe continuously from the same point on the Earth.

Choosing a dark place for observing faint light from celestial objects as the Observatory location, away from urban light pollution is in absolute terms. Also, the terrain can ensure wide visibility, a high percentage of sunny, stable airflow required. Often these are built into the high mountains. A lot can be chosen and hinder the observation telescope when the radio is less mountainous and desert.

As an instrument for analyzing the observation of the universe captures the light in the telescope is almost limited to the electromagnetic waves coming from celestial objects, especially under visible light, to analyze the means are equipped with cooled CCD camera, spectrometer and photoelectric photometric detector, infrared telescope.

Meridian indicator and Meridian circle(ring) installed in the old Observatory of the history there.

In a kind of astronomical telescopes were made and Meridian indicator can move orientation only on the meridian (North-South direction). By measuring the star's Meridian transit time can accurately measure the latitude and longitude of a point on the right ascension of the stars. In the current mainstream is the atomic clock, satellite global positioning system (GPS).

You ca easily find out Sphere in your life.[edit]
Southern hemisphere and Northern hemispheres (Hemis hemi)

Ball is used in sportive sport by sporty sports games.
a Φ fay diameterthe distance across

Brilliant glitter and sunny SUNin soloar system
Martian Mars which is living in areology scientific study to need obserbation for astronomy geology
Mercurian mercural mercuric and mercurius Mercury
Jupiter(god of Jūpiter, Juppiter, Ivppiter yupiteru)
Golden Vinus
planetary ring having Saturnus(Sāturnus pronunciation: [saˈtʊr.nʊs]) from roman mythology)
Planets are {πλανήτης(greek gr):ancient[planɛ̌ːtɛːs] modern:[plaˈnitis]、latin: planēta en: planet}

Completion & Perfection[editing]
This charactor(character) is perfectly perfect and completely complete symmetory(symetory/asymmetry)
look from all angles(angle)

International Space Stations(station)
The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Earth orbit, Zarya was launched on November on a Russian Proton rocket(rockets) from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Views sources from Landsats all about surfaces investigators requests (view source requests landsat surface investigator request)

Luks(luk) of partial unviewed by shadows(shadow)

An axis X Y Z [edit]
Quadratic déterminer une fonction
Thats calculates on that formula.
Spherical coordinates(XYZ)
Mathematics and physics[editors]
our mathematical editing edits by us, physic editor
which is an interdisciplinary program studying conceptual frameworks that describe or explain physical phenomena. In this area of study, List of fractals by Hausdorff dimension
You will roundly scribing the round line stituted design by cordinating to scribe a circles mission page
Calculus III: Three Dimensional Coordinate Systems in Mathematic(Math) are ground up from II(A and B) and first basic learning, basics I

2D f (x[、/ks/]) = a x 2 + b x + c (a ≠ 0) fx= ax2+bx+c (a≠0)
x2 is cross two or double ekkus Assignment stitution method

3D Cubic function (polynomial function of degree three) f(x)=ax3+bx2+cx+d
x3 is crosses stitutes three or triple iks

Use map(maps) for graphical mappings(mapping) axes vector graphics (plural form) stitute of Xaxis Yaxis and Zaxis
Free Mapping Software with GPS Support
A global positioning system / global vectors positioning system with GPS Scientific Antiques boards(Antique board)
The system scribing I'm anywhere on Earth, using satellites to accurately determine. You can use radio waves to send satellites 30 units placed in orbit around the Earth, one of the U.S. military technology and shows the error range of several tens of meters from a few cm receiver latitude / longitude, altitude, etc.
USA Navstar star of nasa (NAVigation Satellite Timing and ranging ) Space math world Today Online
Spherical dimentional coordinate systems

(same scale/scales,beaty of proportion balance) [cf: asymmetry postulate]
(from Greek συμμετρία symmetria "agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement") in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.

Integrable system
Quontam, complete or Particular integrability act, solvability differential operator function space, generalized function, Poisson commuting functions, Bethe Ansatz, inverse scattering transform, Methods of Classical Mechanics

The multiplication Interrobang sign symbolic symbole is also used by historians mark used to also indicate a multiplication function, x A monadic × symbol is used by the APL programming language to denote Plus and minus signs

Latest Topics(Eng)
Equatorial sundial sandox
You have to(might) scribes A sphere with center at the origin by compus compass by Graphic Science
Designs Designings Ideas, modelings Models remodelings Remodels & Topicals Tips go
Design Designing Idea, modeling Model remodeling Remodel & Topical Tip partipo patrhipo
The Station Universetoday.Spotthestation Spaceflight VA early in the morning, Saturday(sats or sat)

Perpendicular to the surface
Perpendicularly(ly), The axis along any direction or in any.
Absolute vertically(ly) Vertical Verticality(verticalitys (verticalities), Vertical(takeoff or fins)
horizontallyon the levelon a level 《with》 Horizontal levelhorizontal Horizontality(horizontalities horizontality)
It was a virtual promise
(Surface or nominally do not have) effectively on real, actual (top)

Pentangle or Pentagon[edited]
As same as Pentagram, Penta is Five and
Pentaangle/Pentaangles(Angles/angle) are Five stars ,which is also called Pentacle Pentalpha

Binary and decimal[editing]
Page Speed, Scholars(Scholar) Eruditos(Erudito)
Tierra, La luna y el sol
Hang outs/out(Salidas/salida de la caída)
Hang over, Overhang and cover up
..(Cuelgue del, Proyección y cubrir, Hacia arriba, Cubierta)

Pythagorean theorem
Pythagoras[pronounced:pitagoras samos island{pita-goras}] great mathematician)antic greek:Πυθαγόρας ὁ Σάμιος (Pȳthagórās/Pȳthagórās ho Sámios)
Πυθαγόρης (Pȳthagórēs) sothat is called Pythagoreans , Before 520 BC, on one of his visits to Egypt or Greece, He might have met the c. 54 years older Thales of Miletus[Miretos Tales], who is philosopher, scientist, mathematician, and engineer, and Aristotle[aristoteles] then accompanied Xenocrates to the natural court of his friend Hermias of Atarneus in Asia Minor. There, he traveled with Theophrastus to the natuture island of Lesbos, where together they researched the botany and zoology of the island.
Platonism Plato[Πλάτων Platon pulaton pulato, greek] had platonic idealism in his ideology, Realism Demiurge Theory of Forms Transcendentals Form of the Good Third man argument Euthyphro dilemma Five regimes Philosopher king Plato's unwritten doctrines Allegories. Rationalism positivism and Empiricism Empirical rational and positive philosophies (philosophy) and research

ZeroSum Game
The terms used in the zero-sum game called game theory in economics and economic theory. Game where you get to 0 (zero) the sum of the scores of participants and goals conceded (SAM) programme. A representative should like each other fight scores between opponents of certain games, such as. What greater benefit (abundance mentality) spirit of excess rivals only on the difference between efforts pation, more concentrated on the breakthrough innovations in the undeveloped math works work working area.
Atrandoms randoms (atrandom random) runs caliculating caliculation ransoo(ran soo) are rundoms(Rundom)

Lectures on Symplectic Geometry
on journals and Magazines (journal and Magazine about geometries)
Georges Reeb Foliation compact leaf theorem Shorter Notes: Totally Geodesic Foliations on S3 and M3 Result serch for mach(true false) indeed Ulternative and achiveable Ultimate achivements (altanative altinate) workings Amphibolite is a non-foliated metamorphic rock that forms through dimentional Graphing recrystallization under conditions of high viscosity and directed pressure. It is composed so that are formed within the turning Earth's interior under extremely high pressures that are unequal, occurring when the pressure is greater in one
(Geology Science Dictionary: Photos &.Images dictionary)

Sunday Sunshine Sunrise Sunset Calculators, Calculator for Days shines sets rises times and dates clocks (Day shine set rise time and date clock) (dot.com/org)Topics by Science.gov

Saientific saience Time Machine(Travel) Decade inc[editin]
Good Warps(warp)

Phase, in a periodic phenomenon such as topological wave, is a non-dimensional amount indicating the position in one cycle, usually represented by an angle (unit is "degrees" or "radians" space and group), Mode physics insulators (physic insulator) For example, in a single vibration centering on the origin, the position x of the quality point is represented by a sin (ωT + ε), and Ω T + ε is called phase.

Art Brand Life, Methods of calculations to calculate (Method calculation as calculates) Luna Cycles, here comes sun

Poisson distribution[editin]
Siméon Denis Poisson, France mathématicien, géologue, physicien. Né en Pithiviers (est une commune française située dans le département du Loiret, en région Centre-Val de Loire. Bordée par l'Œuf, elle se situe sur le socle calcaire de l'ancien lac de la région naturelle de la Beauce et présente peu de reliefs.)
Apprenez de, L'auteur de "Théorie de l'analyse de la théorie des probabilités" et "Traité intitulé Mécanique Céleste" étudié par Pierre Simon Laplace (La personne qui a été choisie comme membre de la société royale London), Être contrastant avec Leonhard euler(Un physicien céleste, La Suisse née à Bâle et est décédée à l'actuelle Une ville située dans le delta de l'estuaire de la Neva, à l'est du golfe de Finlande, La plus grande nation du continent Eurasien Russie à Saint-Pétersbourg / Petersburg), Érudit d'astronomie Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Né à Turin en Italie (puis en Sardaigne) et plus tard en Prusse, en France, Sur la base du principe de l'action minimale, ils ont commencé à faire l'analyse mécanique (Lagrange mécanique), et ils étaient de grands enseignants.
”Sur les inégalités des moyens mouvement des planètes”
Publié dans le bulletin de science Academy, Manipulation du mouvement de la planète, «sur le mouvement de rotation de la terre» et «sur la variation des constantes arbitraires dans les questions de méchaniq Dans l'UE», poisson a développé ce dossier de lecture, Une distribution de probabilité discrète avec une variable de probabilité spécifique X qui compte des événements discrets survenant dans un intervalle de temps donné. La distribution exponentielle montre la probabilité de la période d'occurrence. Napier's constant(Définie par la séquence de convergencem John Napier, Astrologues) Inventeur actuel Jakob Bernoulli.

Il existe de nombreux cas où les résultats de l'observation d'une grande quantité de phénomènes qui se produisent rarement sont sujets à la distribution de poisson. Dans le cas d'une telle distribution de poisson, la caractéristique de l'événement généré au fil du temps est résumée comme un type arithmétique.

Magnetism [edinos]
Magnetics magnetic units fluxes webers(weber flux unit Greek:Ørsted) magnets materials (magnet material)

Aerospaces Explorations Agencys(agencies)[edi-ts]Styl Style eStyl
Aerospace Exploration Agency(AEA)
Check out Launch, The Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States

Planetary Alignment[editions]
Le Soleil est l’étoile du Système solaire
Planeta Planète(Permutations planétaires)
Mercury(Mercurio Mercúrio Mercurio)
Venus(Venus Vênus Venere)
Earth(Tierra Terra Terra)
Mars[/maʁs/](Marte Marte)
Jupiter(Júpiter Júpiter)
Saturn(Saturno Saturno Saturno)
Uranus(Urano Urano Urano)
Pluto(Plutón Plutão Plutone)
Neptune(Neptuno Netuno Nettuno)

Polarisation (optique) ou Ondes polarisées[Modifier l’éditeur]
Opyical Polarization, Polarized waves,
Il se réfère au caractère qui rend le mouvement d’onde dans une direction biaisée
It refers to the character which makes the wave motion in one Direction biased

SS SuperStars(SuperStar)

●La cámara avanzada para sondeos, instrumento del telescopio espacial Hubble.
●Administración de la Cadena de Suministro, en inglés, Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Creative Suite(CreativeSuite), un conjunto de aplicaciones de software, Es esencial para el estado del aire sin oxígeno. Desempeña un papel importante como un dispositivo importante para mantener el oxígeno. Aprender a Comer Solo(ACS).


or Pangea ( /pænˈdʒiːə/) was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. It assembled from earlier continental units approximately Three hundred and thirty-five million years ago, and it began to break apart about Hundred seventy-five million years ago.

^ スフィアー・スフィアー・フィアーズ・フィアー・ヒアーズ・ヒアー ・フィアーズ・フィアー・ヒアーズ・ヒアー・ハー・ハー・プラネッツ・プラネット・プラネッツ・プラネット・
^ スフィアー_=_sphers・スフィアー_=_sphers スフィアー_=_sphere・スフィアー_=_sphere スフィアー_=_romanization_sufia_by_Patipo・スフィアー_=_romanization_sufia_by_Patipo
Planets_=_プラネッツ・Planet_=_プラネット・プラネッツ_=_Planets・プラネット_=_Planet プラネッツ_=_Planets・プラネット_=_Planet
^ Kyūtai Kyutai Kyuutai
Kyūtaino Kyutaino Kyuutaino Kyūtai.no Kyutai.no Kyuutai.no Kyūtai_no Kyutai_no Kyuutai_no Kyūmen Kyumen Kyuumen Kyūmenno Kyumenno Kyuumenno Kyūmen.no Kyumen.no Kyuumen.no Kyūmen_no Kyumen_no Kyuumen_no ja.pan panja pan.ja
^ Atomosphere turns Atomospheres are turn around utopiospheres of utopiosphere
utopios utopio means(is translating) by return dictionary to translate for phere alley imaging film translation or alleys ematic if imaged pheres films translations Results serchs for machs(trueth falseth)
^ AerospaceExplorationAgency
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P_-_a_-_t_-_i_-_p_-_o P_-_a_-_t__-h_-_i_-_p_-_o E_-_A_-_R_-_T_-_H
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