Lambert, Lambert: cgs unit of luminance. Mark L

Spectralon delivers almost complete Lambert refrective reflections can be designed in. Applied computer graphics in computer graphics, lambertian reflectance, well as a diffuse reflection model commonly used.

Beer-Lambert-Bouguer law, or the same meaning than simply known as Beer's law) has formulated the absorption of light by the law. Rule name from Augusto Behr, Pierre Bouguer and Johann Heinrich Lambert.
That happens by transitions from the absorption of light and think in the quantum theory, molecules and atoms and ions using the energy of photons (electromagnetic waves) lowest energy eigenstates to high energy eigenstates.
Example: aqueous Green laser light. Rays progresses in the solution will be weak.
You can calculate it using radiant flux F, light being absorbed into the molecules of effective area is called absorption cross sections.

Black-body radiation
Wilhelm Wien (german, Wilhelm Carl Werner Otto Fritz Franz Wien), High vibration frequency in the region explained well readings.

Planck's constant (in English) is a physical constant characterizing the quantum theory. Was named after Max Planck, one of the founders of quantum mechanics. Dimension of the action, called quantum. In SI units is the Joule-second (symbol: J s).
Amount of h/2 pi divided by 2 times π(Π), PI(The relationship between circle with Diameter, bout 3 times bigger than it) is commonly used.
Planck presents the Planck's law in the low-frequency region and measurements to match fix Wien theoretical form.

Derivation of the heat radiation, the discovery of argon by collaborative research and discovery of the light scattering study showing why the sky is blue (Rayleigh scattering), earthquake surface waves (Rayleigh wave) Ramsey treated classically Rayleigh-jeans law, such as Baron Rayleigh (English physicist) John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh

Boltzmann constant is a physical constant relating State and entropy in statistical mechanics. Was named after Austria was an important contribution in the field of statistical mechanics physicist Ludwig Boltzmann
Constant has dimensions of entropy, is positioned as a constant temperature that relate to energy. In the international system of units (SI) unit is joules per Kelvin (symbol: J K-1) is used.