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Latino Sheila E. and (Sheila's Latina papi)
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Carriers[edits show/hide]
Ernesto Antonio "Tito" Puente was an American musician, songwriter and record producer. The son of Ernest and Ercilia Puente, native Puerto Ricans living in New York City's Spanish Harlem,World Tors Tour (WT) NT(News Times for time)

Tito"s Songs in Albums[edigo]
Plays play rythms on LP LD(Pioneer)
Take Five Manbo(Five Beat Manbo Merengue)
"Oye Como Va".. Standard
.."Hey/Hi, How's It Going"
...Last Life Performance
"Como Esta Miguel"
"Rumba En El Patio"
"Carnaval en Harlem"
"Quinbara" "Guantanamera" y Celia Cruz
Presentación - Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio Vive Latino

Sheila"s Great Hits[edino]
Lylics so rytmical and lylical Lylics

Prince Rogers Nelson
Musician, multi-Instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer, music producer, actor
(Músico, multi-instrumentista, cantautor, compositor, productor musical, actor)

Gloria Estefan
(née Fajardo)
Cuban-American Latin Pop singer, pops songwriter, actress, and businesswoman and wife, She married with her Hasband Emilio Estefan
Estefan's breakthrough success with "Conga" in made her known worldwide.
She founded the Gloria Estefan Foundation
She started off her career as the lead singer in The group called "Miami Latin Boys"
Hit song in Album
"Anything for You"
...(Ballad / Balada Música).
"Can't Stay Away from You"
"Close My Eyes"
"Bad Boys"(Ain't So Bad℠?)
"Rhythm Is Gonna Get You(Tonight!!)"
"Oye Mi Canto"[Kanto] (from Live in Las Vegas)
...Maná cómo Amor Billboards Billboard(Multi Karaoke Volumes Volume Vol-umes ume)
by Miami Sound Mechanical mechanics mechanic Machines Machine Machinarys machinary machinaryies Team teams , groups group bands band with high technical technic techniqual techniques tequnics tequnic

Alejandro Sanz
"Corazon Partio" [Latin Mix] Warner Música
”No Me Compares”
See also , Lady Gaga Alex Alexander Alexandro Alexandra

●Rebeca Mauleon
Mauleón was born in Santa Monica, California. Professional performer and recording artist, and worked with many musicians in a variety of musical genres began her teen ages, She has written several texts and articles about the history of Latin and Caribbean music, including Salsa Brothers Brother Guidebook
Since her early twenties, she has performed and recorded with celebrities in the Latin and jazz music scenes, including Tito Puente, Carlos Santana, Cachao(Israel López Valdés), the congueros(conguero) Carlos "Patato" Valdes(Valdés), Armando Peraza, Giovanni Hidalgo, Joe Henderson, SheilaE, SteveWinwood(Stephen Lawrence Winwood), MichaelNesmith(Robert Michael Nesmith) and others, and as one of very few female band-leaders in Afro-Caribbean jazz.

●Carlos Santana
was born in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico
Carlos Humberto Santana Barragán is guitarrista mexicano
Latin Grammy Awards
"Samba Pa Ti" at Olympia Theatre MV
"Black Magic Woman"
"Blues for Salvador"
"Every Now And Then"
"Maria Maria"
"El Farol"
"Put Your Lights On"
"Love of My Life"
"The Game of Love"

●Lou Bega's
'Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Sporty. by Ymusicvideos/Ymusicvideo)

Sensato del Patio[edited]
Hip Hop "Que Buena Tu Ta (DR Remix)" - Fuego (featuring Sensato Del Patio Negima!, Black Point, Mozart La Para, Los Pepes, Monkey Black & Villanosam
(Pacio Pathio Pachio)

●José José(his stage name, by true José Rómulo Sosa-Ortiz, Jose, last fm Bubble Trends Omni Lexica Definition meaning)

●DJ Whoo Kid Tego(Bio-graphy Yves Mondesir, better, born October twelve) Scream Tego Calderón(calderon) Everipedia Stadio Live Space Spot Kiya-machi Sanjo Empire building Rag Shops shop Stoes store Blog blogs

●Latin American music including European tastes. Namely the Romance-speaking countries and ad territories of the Americas and the Caribbean south of the United States. Latin Americans music also incorporates African music from slaves who were transported to the Americas by European settlers as well as America music, Anniversary Live CM Jazz day
Next Live Human Doors door Japan

Calypsou(Καλυψώ; Kalypsō), The sea goddess appeared in Greece myth, which is one of the music genre styles developed in the Caribbean islands of the France territory, the music of the Caribbean Sea, especially Trinidad and Tobago carnival.

Genre; Jazz Clos over(Crossover style) Fusion Hiphop, African slaves music CSD (Afro-Caribbean,)

Staging Locations[editing]
Salsa Night: Live in The Grounds Garden
Salsa white party with Tito Puente Jr. at Alhambra Palace
Expresión Latina in Emerald Beach
Hôtel Home Latin, Paris
Location standards Hotel Mouffetard Latin Quarter Paris Panthéon
El Patio Restaurant Rockville, MD
El Patio Argentine tango Restaurant
Monaco, The Patio Palace residential building
All access equipped with "ticket-in, ticket-out"
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San Diego
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●Miami Salsa Clubs/Club
and Beaches Beach sandals sandal
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"Lacompañía líder en distribución de música, marketing y tecnología en Iberoamérica. Trabajamos con sellos, productores, managers y artistas. es lacompañía líder en distribución de música, marketing"
●Warner Music Group

Locations Maps[Editados por un editors]
Location Map
Peruvian cusuines musical shows,
show in Peru.
Carib Island

Leguas/Legua[Editado por un editor]
Español (Es La)
Português (Brasil)
English (US)

●The Latin Cooking Recipes Menus
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Joy Sound Ranking "カラオケ"Uta Kashi/Kasi
Sound Horizon,

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^ pv000 pv100 pv111 pv222 pv333 pv444 pv555 pv666 pv777 pv888 pv999 pv365 pv187 pv236 pv719 pv397 pv425 pv593 pv638 pv419 pv0443 pv3090 pv1033 pv1043 pv3012 pv4142 pv517 pv538 pv73274 pv7661 pv15526 pv9978 pv186534852 pv8160 pv8120 pv8339 pv115 pv41193 pv02468 pv1169569 pv1993552 pv52466942531369387 pv13175034 pv125027037 pv1859665 pv279363983105831247 pv377669118728307061 pv483714816204367027 pv682289 pv222866198 pv276447494 pv0124470 pv7463387 pv8279847 pv0127313 pv11736327 pv205468 pv607730 pv1377699859 pv386887424219947590 pv386887424227973779 pv18346 pv88268 pv15438 pv21645223 pv53295846 pv83846 pv289999999994 pv119556565079937547 pv476185360584644672 pv236720524135972756 pv126411376 pv6077301377699859 pv8200608 pv0000539902 pv182044009908609313 pv0030482936 pv682289 pv38491771785969002 pv38871701156324176 pv9412328050 pv15955318 pv114387038573980 pv539165386610819221 pv378724649887018233 pv54585041730722134 pv387168899185981659 pv493003490438401599 pv487022147181304681 pv496662665125548593 pv4107959 pv35252874 pv567453621770713580 pv81346336996176033 pv449163762807410784 pv979567229070065665 pv666141402011602944 pv449079908758831 pv1387359808211576 pv1723983731177413 pv407992835888461 pv182044009908609313396020090494456 pv9202 pv35930 pv48508225 pv532832199648082810 pv484277766154467484 pv44684073 pv412677 pv4763908 pv20141104 pv267633 pv3893712 pv911820800 pv13377 pv19453244 pv9920275 pv9478276 pv20140320 pv325911474 pv358378185 pv10000 pv194532441 pv193042923 pv0438b450 pv23188 pv28328 pv46184 pv779 pv426011 pv202447. pv1366606742 pv1348044491 pv3189916255 pv1403538847 pv1345045479 pv2137640288745847401 pv1387359808211576 pv551212858577802 pv99712579233734964 pv979526494195085312 pv560979697328751491 pv126411376 pv1127851 pv126411376 pv318991625 pv56509000 pv775 pv93 pv19978 pv1296452062 pv1299 pv3771 pv122112 pv197513378 pv2133667039344974101 pv21128683 pv1888 pv361699901 pv28070717278944826 pv517280707170343661 pv202802789448268289 pv486318459737868148 pv5678764527641473 pv562035228481950069 pv550213279450647715 pv463167142907804415 pv464855992758813229 pv182184747401520897 pv182184747401520897 pv13925981345458862 pv445012006904156605 pv410521033166000027 pv1464693200 pv053566438 pv1345711214 pv1472273747 pv984643048498851841 pv8491108485855244 pv178947785170123532 pv587649451347800581 pv284571270178463322 pv30117891231624968 pv553942822886356787 pv215803172260900 pv155061455 pv51035612836 pv6088059547 pv33077467 pv362680576213875002 pv838162180623458172 pv41503492190143755 pv2148303035999498201 pv517139969683649070 pv28171769 pv75860082 pv09023486649354737047 pv1925277357908943450 pv4918606817473004056 pv735790894068174730 pv182 pv503629170807276415 pv136726538665848863 pv141652350758842482 pv141652350758842482 pv327425835388157237 pv47358233556567228560909328560855536 pv571957221397275084 pv283937951480303312 pv173833539331662 pv92183123599366928 pv75576099978093193 pv1220837975 pv20170528 pv1495238638 pv00000538 pv481744491360940700 pv361413938824253218 pv0000539902 pv109128045772739 pv688980442966171272 pv488710997043044041 pv106452583386102397651 pv449867450249684139 pv1097759281468210 pv194535629 pv1583319 pv375277595 pv335138391 pv4206666 pv29383312 pv0000539902 pv003048293 pv388717011563241769
^ ad1169569 ad1993552 ad52466942531369387
ad93 ad19978 ad1296452062
^ ads1169569 ads1993552 ads52466942531369387
ads93 ads19978 ads1296452062
^ 1169569ch 1993552ch 52466942531369387ch
93ch 19978ch 1296452062 ch
^ Sx4Cds oqD5ys FmRqju SxCds oqDys
^ 000& 111& 222& 333& 444& 555& 666& 777& 888& 999&(000_& 111_& 222_& 333_& 444_& 555_& 666_& 777_& 888_& 999_&)
^ Tube1 Tube2 Tube3 Tube4 Tube5 Tube6 Tube7 Tube8 Tube9
Tube93 Tube19978 Tube1296452062
Patio1 Patio2 Patio3 Patio4 Patio5 Patio6 Patio7 Patio8 Patio9 patio93 patio19978 patio1296452062
Funiture1 Funiture2 Funiture3 Funiture4 Funiture5 Funiture6 Funiture7 Funiture8 Funiture9 Funiture93 Funiture19978 Funiture1296452062
Rooms1 Rooms2 Rooms3 Rooms4 Rooms5 Rooms6 Rooms7 Rooms8 Rooms9
^ Allmusic000 Allmusic111 Allmusic222 Allmusic333 Allmusic444 Allmusic555 Allmusic666 Allmusic777 Allmusic888 Allmusic999
^ abc000 abc111 abc222 abc333 abc444 abc555 abc666 abc777 abc888 abc999
ad000 ad111 ad222 ad333 ad444 ad555 ad666 ad777 ad888 ad999
net000 net111 net222 net333 net444 net555 net666 net777 net888 net999
^ brother000 brother111 brother222 brother333 brother444 brother555 brother666 brother777 brother888 brother999
^ com000 com111 com222 com333 com444 com444 com555 com666 com777 com888 com999 org000 org111 org222 org333 org444 org555 org666 org777 org888 org999
^ Jazzday000 Jazzday111 Jazzday222 Jazzday333 Jazzday444 Jazzday555 Jazzday666 Jazzday777 Jazzday888 Jazzday999
^ web000 web111 web222 web333 web444 web555 web666 web777 web888 web999
^site000 site111 site222 site333 site444 site555 site666 site777 site888 site999
^ official000 official111 official222 official333 official444 official555 official666 official777 official888 official999
^ livejournal000 livejourna111 livejourna222 livejourna333 livejourna444 livejourna555 livejourna666 livejourna777 livejourna888 livejourna999
^ livedoor000 livedoor111 livedoor222 livedoor333 livedoor444 livedoor555 livedoor666 livedoor777 livedoor888 livedoor999
^ live000 live111 live222 live333 live444 live555 live666 live777 live888 live999
^ common000 encyclopedia000 common111 encyclopedia111 common222 encyclopedia222 common333 encyclopedia333 common444 encyclopedia444 common555 encyclopedia555 common666 encyclopedia666 common777 encyclopedia777 common888 encyclopedia888 common999 encyclopedia999
^ Jazz000 Jazz111 Jazz222 Jazz333 Jazz444 Jazz555 Jazz666 Jazz777 Jazz888 Jazz999 House000 House111 House222 House333 House444 House555 House666 House777 House888 House999
^ door000 door222 door333 door444 door555 door666 door777 door888 door999, doors000 doors222 doors333 doors444 doors555 doors666 doors777 doors888 doors999
^ Jew000 Jew111 Jew222 Jew333 Jew444 Jew555 Jew666 Jew777 Jew888 Jew999 , Jew93 Jew19978 Jew1296452062
^ social000 social111 social222 social333 social444 social555 social666 social777 social888 social999
^ dance000 dance111 dance222 dance333 dance444 dance555 dance666 dance666 dance777 dance888 dance 999
^ network000 network111 network222 network333 network444 network555 network666 network777 network888 network999
^ next000 next111 next222 nex333 next444 next555 next666 next777 next888 next999
human000 human111 human222 human333 human444 human444 human555 human666 human777 human888 human999
^ list000 list111 list222 list333 list444 list555 list666 list777 list888 list999
^ japan000 japan111 japan222 japan333 japan444 japan555 japan666 japan777 japan888 japan999

^ pastebin000 pastebin111 pastebin222 pastebin333 pastebin444 pastebin555 pastebin666 pastebin777 pastebin888 pastebin999
^ Relive000 Relive111 Relive222 Relive333 Relive444 Relive555 Relive666 Relive777 Relive888 Relive999
^ wiki000 wiki111 wiki222 wiki333 wiki444 wiki555 wiki666 wiki777 wiki888 wiki999
^ owl1 owl2 owl3 owl4 owl5 owl6 owl7 owl8 owl9 low1 low2 low3 low4 low5 low6 low7 low8 low9
owl000 owl111 owl222 owl333 owl444 owl555 owl666 owl777 owl888 owl999
low000 low111 low222 low333 low444 low555 low666 low777 low888 low999
^ pati000 pati111 pati222 pati333 pati444 pati555 pati666 pati777 pati888 pati999
^ Yelp000 Yelp_000 000Yelp 000_Yelp 000Yelp000 000_Yelp_000, Yelp111 Yelp_111 111Yelp 111_Yelp 111Yelp111 111_Yelp_111
Yelp222 Yelp_222 222Yelp 222_Yelp 222Yelp222 222_Yelp_222, Yelp333 Yelp_333 333Yelp 333_Yelp 333Yelp333 333_Yelp_333, Yelp444 Yelp_444 444Yelp 444_Yelp 444Yelp444 444_Yelp_444, Yelp555 Yelp_555 555Yelp 555_Yelp 555Yelp555 555_Yelp_555, Yelp666 Yelp_666 666Yelp 666_Yelp 666Yelp666 666_Yelp_666, Yelp777 Yelp_777 Yelp 777_Yelp 777Yelp777 777_Yelp_777, Yelp888 Yelp_888 888Yelp 888_Yelp 888Yelp888 888_Yelp_888, Yelp999 Yelp_999 999Yelp 999_Yelp 999Yelp999 999_Yelp_999, santa_na san_ta
^ youtube000 youtube_000 twitter000 twitter_000 000youtube000 000_youtube_000 000twitter000 000_twitter_000, scribd000 scribd_000 000scribd000 000_scribd_000
youtube111 youtube_111 twitter111 twitter_111 111youtube111 111_youtube_111 111twitter111 111_twitter_111, scribd111 scribd_111 111scribd111 111_scribd_111
youtube222 youtube_222 twitter222 twitter_222 222youtube222 222_youtube_222 222twitter222 222_twitter_222, scribd222 scribd_222 222scribd222 222_scribd_222
youtube333 youtube_333 twitter333 twitter_333 333youtube333 333_youtube_333 333twitter333 333_twitter_333, scribd333 scribd_333 333scribd333 333_scribd_333
youtube444 youtube_444 twitter444 twitter_444 444youtube444 444_youtube_444 444twitter444 444_twitter_444, scribd444 scribd_444 444scribd444 444_scribd_444
youtube555 youtube_555 twitter555 twitter_555 555youtube555 555_youtube_555 555twitter555 555_twitter_555, scribd555 scribd_555 555scribd555 555_scribd_555
youtube666 youtube_666 twitter666 twitter_666 666youtube666 666_youtube_666 666twitter666 666_twitter_666, scribd666 scribd_666 666scribd666 666_scribd_666
youtube777 youtube_777 twitter777 twitter_777 777youtube777 777_youtube_777 777twitter777 777_twitter_777, scribd777 scribd_777 777scribd777 777_scribd_777
youtube888 youtube_888 twitter888 twitter_888 888youtube888 888_youtube_888 888twitter888 888_twitter_888, scribd888 scribd_888 888scribd888 888_scribd_888
youtube999 youtube_999 twitter999 twitter_999 999youtube999 999_youtube_999 999twitter999 999_twitter_999, scribd999 scribd_999 999scribd999 999_scribd_999
^ Patito000 Patito111 Patito222 Patito333 Patito444 Patito555 Patito666 Patito777 Patito888 Patito999
^ pot000 pot111 pot222 pot333 pot444 pot555 pot666 pot777 pot888 pot999
^ san000 san111 san222 san333 san444 san555 san666 san777 san888 san999
^ tana000 tana222 tana333 tana444 tana555 tana666 tana777 tana888 tana999
^ thoughtco000 thoughtco111 thoughtco222 thoughtco333 thoughtco444 thoughtco555 thoughtco666 thoughtco777 thoughtco888 thoughtco999
^ tools000 tools111 tools222 tools333 tools444 tools555 tools666 tools777 tools888 tools999
tool000 tool111 tool222 tool333 tool444 tool555 tool666 tool777 tool888 tool999
^ triangle532832199648082810 triangle484277766154467484
^ line000 line111 line222 line333 line444 line555 line666 line777 line888 line999
on000 on111 on222 on333 on444 on555 on666 on777 on888 on999
online000 online111 online222 online333 online444 online555 online666 online777 online888 online999
^ LJ000 LJ111 LJ222 LJ333 LJ444 LJ555 LJ666 LJ777 LJ888 LJ999
^ walmart000 walmart111 walmart222 walmart333 walmart444 walmart555 walmart666 walmart777 walmart888 walmart999
^ at00 at01 at02 at03 at04 at05 at06 at07 at08 at09 at10 at11 at12 at13 at14 at15 at16 at17 at18 at19 at20 at21 at22 at23 at24 at25 at26 at27 at28 at29 at30 at31 at32 at33 at34 at35 at36 at37 at38 at39 at40 at41 at42 at43 at44 at45 at46 at47 at48 at49 at50 at51 at52 at53 at54 at55 at56 at57 at58 at59
^ last114387038573980 fm114387038573980 trends114387038573980 bubble114387038573980 omni114387038573980 lexica114387038573980
^ vevoSx4Cds vevooqD5ys vevoFmRqju vevoSxCds vevooqDys
vevo_Sx4Cds vevo_oqD5ys vevo_FmRqju vevo_SxCds vevo_oqDys
^ CaribIsland/Carib_Island,_CI
^ Dotacash/Dota_cash
eldota/el_dota elcash/el_cash
elwiki/el_wiki elwikia/el_wikia
admusic/ad_music adlatin/ad_latin adlatino/ad_latino adlatina/ad_latina
musicad/music_ad latinad/latin_ad latinaad/latina_ad latinoad/latino_ad
paad/pa_ad adpa/ad_pa adti/ad_ti tiad/ti_ad poad/po_ad ad_po thiad/thi_ad adthi/ad_thi
adyou/ad_you youad/you_ad tubead/tube_ad adtube/ad_tube
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^ el000 el111 el222 el333 el444 el555 el666 el777 el888 el999
en000 en111 en222 en333 en444 en555 en666 en777 en888 en999
es000 es111 es222 es333 es444 es555 es666 es777 es888 es999
^ gl000 gl111 gl222 gl333 gl444 gl555 gl666 gl777 gl888 gl999
^ LatinPapi/Latin_Papi, LatinPapimusic/Latin_Papi_music Latinapapi/Latina_papi
Latinopapi/Latino_papi L_-_pop/L_-_pos
^ Latinmusic/Latin_music
^ Latinbook/Latin_book
Latinabook/Latina_book Latinabooks/Latina_books
Latinobook/Latino_book Latinobooks/Latino_books
Latinbrother/Latin_brother, Latinbrothers/Latin_brothers
LatinCity LatinCityies LatinCitys Latinstreets Latinstreet(Latin_City Latin_Cityies Latin_Citys Latin_streets Latin_street)
LatinaCity LatinaCityies LatinaCitys(Latina_City Latina_Cityies Latina_Citys) Latinastreets Latinastreet
LatinoCity LatinoCityies LatinoCitys Latinostreets Latinostreet (Latina_streets Latina_street Latino_City Latino_Cityies Latino_Citys Latino_streets Latino_street)
Latinelannel Latinelannels
Latin_el_annel Latin_el_annels
Latinaelannel Latinaelannels
Latina_el_annel Latina_el_annels
Latinoelannel Latinoelannels
Latino_el_annel Latino_el_annels
^ LatinAmericanMusic/Latin_American_Music, LatinoAmericanMusic/Latino_American_Music, LatinaAmericanMusic/Latina_American_Music
LatinAmericaMusic/Latin_America_Music, LatinoAmericaMusic/Latino_America_Music, LatinaAmericaMusic/Latina_America_Music
^ latin000 latin111 latin222 latin333 latin444 latin555 latin666 latin777 latin888 latin999
^ latinyelp latinoyelp latinayelp
latin_yelp latino_yelp latina_yelp
^ Liv000 Liv111 Liv222 Liv333 Liv444 Liv555 Liv666 Liv777 Liv888 Liv999,
Liv_000 Liv_111 Liv_222 Liv_333 Liv_444 Liv_555 Liv_666 Liv_777 Liv_888 Liv_999
ing000 ing111 ing222 ing333 ing444 ing555 ing666 ing777 ing888 ing999
^ (BubbleTrends OmniLexica, Definitionmeaning Bubble_Trends Omni_Lexica. Definition_meaning)
^ LightMusic(LightsMusic forMusic LightingMusic , Light_Music(Lights_Music for_Music Lighting_Music
^ MusicMagazine/Music_Magazine
ElMusicMagazines/El_Music_Magazines ElMusicJournal/El_Music_Journal
elMagazines elMagazine elJournals elJournal
elmedias elmedia(el_Magazines el_Magazine el_Journals el_Journal el_medias el_media) elbastille_wiki
^ FreeMusic/Free_Music FreeJazz/Free_Jazz
FreeJazzMusic/Free_Jazz_Music, FreeArchive/Free_Archive
^ GratuitousSpanish GratuitousJapanese GratuitousForeignLanguage
Gratuitous_Spanish Gratuitous_Japanese Gratuitous_ForeignLanguage/Gratuitous_Foreign_Language
kQbQv qWJKft
^ intuit intuits intuitive intuitives intuiting intuited, andiego ndiego die go godie padie padies di digo godi
Intuity intuitys intuities Journal Journals Journalisms Journalism Journalists Journalist Journ journs journed journing YouQue?
^ SoundHorizon/Sound_Horizon JoysoundKaraoke/Joysound_Karaoke
^ Re model novation novations no va nova tion tions remodel/re_model re_novation re_novations
^ Journal000 Journals000 Journal111 Journals111 Journal222 Journals222 Journal333 Journals333 Journal444 Journals444 Journal555 Journals555 Journal666 Journals666 Journal777 Journals777 Journal888 Journals888 Journal999 Journals999
^ Keys000 Keys111 Keys222 Keys333 Keys444 Keys555 Keys666 Keys777 Keys888 Keys999 Key000 Key111 Key222 Key333 Key444 Key555 Key666 Key777 Key888 Key999 ube ko co san kosan cosan kousan cousan dals dal als al
^ low000 low111 low222 low333 low444 lowes555 low666 low777 low888 low999
^ MiamiSalsa/Miami_Salsa
SalsaClub/Salsa_Club SalsaClubs/Salsa_Clubs
Beachsandals Beachsandal
Beach_sandals Beach_sandal
Beach_san_dals Beach_san_dal
Beach_sand_als Beach_sand_al
^Ponder pond ponds ful full Ponderful Pondfull (1pondful 2ponderful 3pondful 4pondful 5pondful 6pondfull 7pondfull 8pondfull 9pondfull
^ Dream000 dream111 dream222 dream333 dream444 dream555 dream666 dream777 dream888 dream999
^ Deere deere000 deere111 deere222 deere333 deere444 deere555 deere666 deere777 deede888 deere999
^ nifty000 nifty111 nifty222 nifty333 nifty444 nifty555 nifty666 nifty666 nifty777 nifty888
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tips tip tour tours words word keyword [ youtube
youtube_._com/you_tube_._com youtsube_._com/you_tsube_._com
^ MédiaCitoyen leMédiaCitoyen
Média_Citoyen le_MédiaCitoyen le_Média_Citoyen Agora_Vox AgoraVox_France/Agora_Vox_France
betu betsu Chipa Chipo Chips Chip
^ MusicStyle/Music_Style JazzMusic/Jazz_Music Latinmusic/Latin_music, Crossovermusic/Cross_over/Cross_over_music
^ Musicmedia/music_media
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youtube_patio youtsube_patio youtube_pathio youtsube_pathio youtube_patios youtsube_patios youtube_pathios youtsube_pathios
^ Spiritual Meaning(meanings mean means meaned to be for definitly define defines definings defining definition definitions dummy dummies dummys) root less grass grasses ne nashi nasi kusa gusa nenashi nenasi Geo geologic geological geologically City citys cities dic dictionary dictionaries dictionarys rootless root_less
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Lo Mas Urbano LoMasUrbano
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Anniversary_Live Live_CM
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Aspen_Lodges Aspen_patios Aspen_Lodge Aspen_patio, Aspen_Lodge_patio Aspen_Lodge_patios Aspen_Lodges_patio Aspen_Lodges_patios
As_pen_Lodges As_pen_patios As_pen_Lodge As_pen_patio, As_pen_Lodge_patio As_pen_Lodge_patios As_pen_Lodges_patio As_pen_Lodges_patios
Aspenpathios Aspenpathio Aspenpacio Aspenpacios Aspenpachio Aspenpachios
Aspen_pathios Aspen_pathio Aspen_pacio Aspen_pacios Aspen_pachio Aspen_pachios
As_pen_pathios As_pen_pathio As_pen_pacio As_pen_pacios As_pen_pachio As_pen_pachios
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TitoPuente/Tito_Puente PeteEscovedo/Pete_Escovedo SheilaE/Sheila_E
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Yuuchuubu Okini Iri Hozon Sekai no Ninki Doga Douga Yu-chu-bu(Yu_-_chu_-_bu Do_ga)
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TunesInRadio, RadiosTune RadiosTunes TuneIn TuneInRadios TunesInRadios
TuneIns TunesIns Radio_Tune Radio_Tunes Tune_In Tunes_In Tune_In_Radio Tunes_In_Radio, Radios_Tune Radios_Tunes Tune_In_Radios Tunes_In_Radios Tune_Ins Tunes_Ins
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LatinoStandard LatinoStandards
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Latino_Standard Latino_Standards
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YoutubeLatinMusic YoutubeLatinoMusic YoutubeLatinaMusic, Youtube_LatinMusic Youtube_LatinoMusic Youtube_LatinaMusic
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Patipo_Youtube_LatinMusic Patipo_Youtube_LatinoMusic Patipo_Youtube_LatinaMusic
PathipoYoutubeLatinMusic PathipoYoutubeLatinoMusic PathipoYoutubeLatinaMusic
Pathipo_Youtube_LatinMusic Pathipo_Youtube_LatinoMusic Pathipo_Youtube_LatinaMusic
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stick_play stick_plays sticks_play sticks_plays
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atOlympiaTheatre Carlos_Santana Samba_Pa_Ti at_OlympiaTheatre at_Olympia_Theatre BlackMagicWoman Black_Magic_Woman
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Yoki_tube Yocho_tube Yochi_tube Yoqu_tube Youq_Tube Youk_tube Yochi_tube Yoki_tube
Yokitsube Yochotsube Yochitsube Yoqutsube YouqTsube Youktsube Yochitsube Yokitsube
Yoki_tsube Yocho_tsube Yochi_tsube Yoqu_tsube Youq_Tsube Youk_tsube Yochi_tsube Yoki_tsube
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LatinoWictionary/Latino_Wictionary LatinoWictionaries/Latino_Wictionaries LatinoWictionarys/Latino_Wictionarys
LatinaWictionary/Latina_Wictionary LatinaWictionaries/Latina_Wictionaries LatinaWictionarys/Latina_Wictionarys
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Yelpwiki/Yelp_wiki Yelpwikia/Yelp_wikia Yelpwik/yelp_wik
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ayelpmusic/ayelp_music ayelp/a_yelp/ay_elp/aye_lp
/Lati_na_yelp/Latinay_elp /Latin_ay_elp elp/el_p/e_lp
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