Kyo no Tanabata

Kyo no Tanabata

High light[edits]
7 th (seven) August , We can enjoy

Today's Notifications (Holyday notification)
Schedules(Schedule) at night[edit]
●Horikawa/Kamogawa Sites
August 5 (Sat) to 11 (Fri, holiday), PM 2017
Illumination Hours 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M
●Nijo Castle (Nijo-jo) Site
2 to 14
●Kitano Tenmangu

Tanzaku is the papers plates(paper plate) to scribe(discribe) your hope as "negai y negaigoto" that made by Iroiro na irogami(full-collered) and hung on Sasa-dake Bamboos.
Bamboo grow up green by roots stubs stumps (eigo; root stub stump), as we call nekko or simplly ne which belog to ine-ka. Ineka mean rice grasses groups (Kome or okome grass group) Tourism kanko/kankou[kankō] Kyototurism/kyoutoturism

The Tanabata legend tells of two lovers, Hikoboshi (Altair star) and Orihime (Vega star), who are separated by the "river of the heavens" They are allowed to meet once a year, on the night Ginga, which falls in the lunar calendar, the tradition honor themes(theme) of "Wishes(wish)"

We will feel and offer romantic productions such as the "Milky Way of Light," which replicates the beautiful Milky Way full of stars, and the "Yuzen Nagashi of Light," which embellishes.

History of Kyou-Kyōtanabe[Edits]
Tanabe(chō) is Tsuzuki/Tsuduki-gun, Fugenji-mura"普賢寺村", changed Miyamaki-mura"三山木村", changes Kusauchi-mura"草内村" changing Osumi-mura/Oosumi"大住村" and then Tanabechō

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