Kyoto Station (京都駅, Kyōto-eki) is a major railway station and transportation hub in Kyoto, Japan. It has Japan's one-of-largest station building Guides .

Standing between Shichijo dori street and Hachijo doris streets too, one block share occupation, huge area.

Kyoto Station Building Facilities [edit]
incorporating a shopping mall, hotel, movie theater, Isetan department store, and several local Pia government facilities under roof ekimae.

Map adress;Kansai Kinki district
under ground, historic tenant shopping center street Porta Chikagai"京都駅前地下街 - ポルタ" continuing before New built station, which has eventing boose.
Boutiques and Restaurants
Shopping Mall & Gourmet Guide
キョウト・ステーション・ポルタ・ダイニングは、ファッション・グルメ・お土産(京みやげ)が楽しめる専門店テナント・ショップ街です。小物topページ-goods topページ-靴・バッグ・帽子・時計・雑貨…など小物アイテムと、 企画コンテンツを、まとめてご紹介。

Replica Model
You can find out Kyouto Station Scale Replica Model which made of Plastic Blocks, Consigned by Design

Entrance Rolls as Transportations[edits]
A large Hachijouguchi bus terminal for city Guide buses and long distance and overnight highway buses at Hachijoguchi[Hachijōguchi]. There are two sides

Kyoto Tower[edited]
"京都タワー",It is a strange form built on the Commercial facilities building, Underground dining area is renewed and fashionable adult space. The tallest steelless building in the world "世界一高い「無鉄骨建築」"


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