Spanish German Festa in Kyoto 2016

This event was performed by Japanese who love Spain and Germany(Alemania y España, Deutschland und Spanien, supein to doitsu), which includes Austria Republik Österreich Australia (Wien Vienna Wean) Fragrant fresh green 8 May(Satsuki, Gogatsu 5, fifth) Seasonal Calendar shows good for events and more than one hundred professionals and current students performed. It is a celebration of music and dance at Maruyama Kouen Ongakudou that is outdoor small stadium festival.


Images:These photos are taken by GIX Mark II

Start from cherring beer song for customers, perfomed by Bayern Brass Band(BBB, 3B) Germanic basic craft beers styles in the beerhouse which I experienced in real.

Next stage, Arabian dancing is now famous as arabic BerryDance, berry teams apear. sexy women are performing and dressing up with seethrough dress.

Opera singers (Operettas) is singing Carmen, Moderated Gypsy woman Don Jose, Carmen Auditors to Sevilla without sexy but pretty girl , black rim glasses Bullfighter Michaela, fiesta(es.fest) Festspiele (de.fest) O-Matsuri「お祭り(おまつり)」(Ja.fiesta de festivals)
Step on stage with the Performing Arts Òpera de Castelló

Flamenco costumes to the delight us with authentic dance step.

Foods Dishes and Cuisine

The Cook services, cuts from whole pork leg. This potato is especially so delicious. Hispanic style Pan was interesting cross design.

Many people and families enjoyed in this weekend.

Maruyama Park (円山公園, Maruyama kōen?) is a park in Kyoto, Japan. It is noted as the main center for cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto, outdoorstage and can get extremely. equiptments are outdoor mini theater, Le Petit Théâtre une saison programme, Le petite backyard theater systems.

Neo natics national Germania(Legio I Germanica)
Battle of Pharsalus 1st(first)-century BC 48, Gaius Julius Caesar fight for him in the civil war


^ fiesta=party partido
She has dresses bargains galore
Tiene montones de ofertas de vestidos
Sie hat Kleider Schnappchen in Hulle und Fulle.
^ Rucksack Ranzen<Knapp Saugen[Knappsack]>(are germanic backpack)Auf der hinteren Schulter Tasche.
^ Athios Athio Athions Athion Atios Atio Ations Ation
^ Descifrar era(Se ha descifrados descifrado)[ESP]
Zu entziffern war (Es hat nicht entziffert)[GER]
We can't kaidoku Angou/fukugou-ka[JPN]
^ Cierta certificación de organización sin fines de lucro[ Madridian y Madridien]
Spezifische Zertifizierung Nicht-kommerzielle Aktivitäten Organisationen[Deutsche Wörter]
Tokutei hi-eiri katsudou houjin[Nihongo]
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