Noun, 1 piece, one piece;
1 parcels, such as (the land), part of (some) fragments, scraps, chip, cloth, etc
[part a little] together, rolling up
Examples: She mature woman look great in black and white striped dress
Ejemplos: Ella madura mujer mirada grande en vestido rayado blanco y negro[Wan Pīsu]

2 parcels [twu] or [tolu] as two for typing key method help.
3 Three [Surī]

Examples: Her sister is a boyish woman looks better in two-piece and three-piece suits, unlike her sister.
Ejemplos: Su hermana es que una mujer juvenil se ve mejor en trajes de dos piezas y tres piezas, a diferencia de su hermana.

Ask the judicial Scrivener or more 2 parcels of land(Parcel 2 or more), received parcels on the stroke at the Justice Department.
Pedir el Scrivener judicial o más 2 parcelas(Paquete 2 o más), parcelas recibidas en la carrera en el Departamento de justicia.

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Formas plurales: Pieces
In clothing, a suit is a set of garments made from the same cloth, usually consisting of at least a jacket and trousers. Lounge suits (also known as business suits when sober in colour and style), which originated in Britain as country

^ Athios Athio Athions Athion Atios Atio Ations Ation
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LongSkirts/Long_Skirts TubeSkirts/Tube_Skirts
Miniskirt/Mini_skirt Pencilskirt/Pencil_skirt
Miniskirts/Mini_skirts Pencilskirts/Pencil_skirts
SexySkirt/Sexy_Skirt SexySkirt/Sexy_Skirt
^ OnePiece/One_Piece, OnePieceSkirt/One_Piece_Skirt, OnePieceSkirts/One_Piece_Skirts
^ TwoPiecesSkirt/Two_Pieces_Skirt TwoPiecesSkirts/Two_Pieces_Skirts
^ ThreePieces/Three_Pieces
Suitclothing/Suit_clothing Suit_(clothing_)
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