Lake Biwa Cannal in Koto with Nanzen ji


is one of Japanese Buddhist temples in Kyoto(Kyouto) Japan.
Along with Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples in Japan are considered by everyone to be among the most numerous, famous and important religious buildings. The Japanese word for a Buddhist temple is tera(寺), and the same kanji also has the pronunciation ji, so temple names often end with-ji or-dera
List, whose spacious grounds are located at the base of Kyoto's forested Higashiyama mountains, is one of the most important Zen temples park by monk for Hijiri Seijin(sei-jin) in all of Japan.

San mon(Main Gate) Chokusi mon(Imperial gate) Hojyo(Seiryoden,National Treasure) Hatto(Ceremony Hall) Hojyo(Central Hall)& Kuri(Living quarters) post Sosui Sei-ji as Chisui comment

“Southern Zen Temple,” is the head temple of the Nanzen-ji school of Sakyoku Rinzai Zen Buddhism. It is part of the Gozan 五山 (Five Mountains) system of Kyoto Zen temples, but stands in a special position, being placed

Tel 075-771-0365
Open 8:40a.m. - 4:30p.m. Winter(12/1 - 2/28)
8:40a.m. - 5:00p.m (3/1 - 11/30)

Access Adress[edited]
京都市左京区南禅寺福地町(Fukuchi-Cho, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto)
TEL 0757710365

Tenju-an Tachu Teien[editus]

Zen Center[editing]
Koun-ji Tofuku-mon-in Bodai-ji is Betsuin(oher building) of Nanzenji, "光雲寺 東福門院菩提寺・禅センター" which is Shugyō for Zen(Trainig) near Philosopy Path(a little bit far and long walking Alley) as Tetsugaku-no-Michi"哲学の道"

Tradition at its best beautiful setting, Great Venue and Performances As Well. Kansai denryoku with kinden (kinki hoan kyokai / kyoukai) display stanley method power generator, and pelton water wheel turbine for biwaco sosui
Inclines(Incline) is so Statistical Mecanical mechanics streams(mechanic stream) Chi "知 as 血", blood of wisdom , This paper reports about Crystallization of crystalline powders(Crystallization of crystalline powders, rasearch crysta researchs crystals reasearching crystal) park garden
(Stanley references rerated US5864185 US5648714) Ponp up Generator Turbine are prepared Ponps upped Turbines

Sosuikan "疎水館" is exhibitions (exhibition) about Incline, Inclines mean to be Inclined history of developping by young developpers ( historical developper)

Personal Computer Display[editing]
PC Design Technology
Kaiketsu/Kaiketu ZoroZoro-ri Zoro-zorori by Encyclopedia/Encyclomedia
Friendly PediaEncyclo, MediaEncyclo

Cusine Calture[edicos]
Tofu Street
Shojin Ryori(Shoujin-ryouri) or Syouzin"精進料理" means Vegetarians (Vegetarian), In order to avoid biological killing, we cook vegetables that resemble meat and fish. This is the wisdom of those who are involved in Buddist's Buddhism. In the hospitality of the general public before long, the temple that runs the hospitable restaurant also appears. Tofu(to-fu?[toufu]”豆腐” that solidify the squeezing of the beans with ash), Yuba”湯葉”, and Fu"麩(ふ)" (wheat gluten) are often used for materials.
A simple diet as frugal meal that does not eat meat or fish is a strict rule, but in syojin/syoujin [shōjin/syōjin] cuisine, the juice of soybeans is peeled down by Nigari (mainly composed of magnesium chloride, including various minerals such as magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, etc.) Protein, which is a nutrient, is taken by tōfu hardened by.

Philosopher's Path[edicos]
Platonically organic japanese Platonic Philosophies thinks meaning of his or her life, phylosophically Philosophys for Philosophy thinking times(time) in the sides(side) Japan

Mother Lake[editing]
Biwako (biwaco?) is Greatest biggest and Largest Lake in Japan.Municipal water supply by Municipal government.

Keihan-Kyōtsu Line(Keishinsen)
Outline. The official starting point of the Kyotsu Line is Goryo Station, but according to the train operation and passenger information, the train going from Biwakohama-Otsu Station to Goryo Station is down and the opposite direction is up. There is a 61‰ slope section between Otani-Kamiei-cho that crosses Mt. Osaka from Goryo Station, and there is a combined track near Biwakohama Otsu Station.
概要. 京津線は正式な起点を御陵駅としているが、列車運行および旅客案内ではびわ湖浜大津駅から御陵駅へ向かう列車が下り、逆方向が上りとされている 。 御陵駅から逢坂山を越える大谷 - 上栄町間には61‰の勾配区間があり 、びわ湖浜大津駅付近は併用軌道となっている。

Bureau of waterworks[editing]
A water-supply, Faith Tap , Safe drinking water was or were supplied from the taps or fausets (fauset) from Keage-Josuido-kyoku (Jousuidou [Jōsuidō]) which are one of Suido / suidou[suidō] as like Gesuido / gesuidou [gesuidō]This Old House /Home

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