Bill [edit]
a written list showing how much you have to pay instead of our services you have received, work that has been done etc but it is including checks(chek), bills money.
Use a statement such as hotels.
Author is usually the claimant.
Electricity or gas bills, credit card bills etc
think because the electricity bill or written invoice cannot be clearly delineated.
Pay Your Bill 

a list of articles, showing how much you owe for them.
Are not limited to new or secondhand
The term refers to the list of contents information + value.
This is the appended to the communication of the goods customs (exchanges across national borders, etc) is required (overseas delivery of goods and trade), but the contents of their luggage provides price or value and invoices. 
Individuals or for example give the invoice to the luggage be transferred to foreign countries such as to say, Said that some countries tend to have goods no problem but does not clear customs in the value 0.
It is not to send the goods to have a reason, such as a cover page, invoices, purchase. It is a value judgment, but necessarily occur in the invoice charges passed is not.
To order invoice, customs agent performer (forwarder) creation is possible, but the legal process is the clearance itself, customs agents do zen nou name of the exporter cannot hide, as parallel exports, customs brokers, asked the seals take responsibility.

In addition if you send a CD or VHS software in China and Southeast Asia, from plagiarism to the pirated copies and distribution problems, not just brand new used, invoices are required to invoice content representation of the video and software also. Also found in X-media is present, but not include opened, be sure the image on the disc.

It is usually this term in the trade. Something like a confirmation of the contents (selling price). Bills such as the foreign trade (customs "suppliers" and translate.

Shipping is not meaning that the ship, including airmail shipping auto flight. Are often used in Commerce, the amount and size of the invoice.

An invoice, bill or tab is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer to buy.

remittance remean to send maney or check as same as to remit (cf remited or remiting card) but Caution or care should be taken,you need when the strength, intensity, etc. of security is weakened temporarily.Economics Supply and demand (economic terminology)

Export [editors]
To transfer the products to foreign countries
I was expoted for me.

Products and have them delivered to the domestic.
we impoted for us.

Terminal Handling Charge(THC), for Shipping and Hundling Fee, includs Dangerous Goods handl(hundl?). Logistics cost terminology that occurs in container yard(containera yards). The fee for shipping companies to charge the shippers(shipper) a portion of the cost of handling at the container terminal that occurs both in at Port and port port.

Terminología de costos logísticos que se produce en yardas de contenedores. La tarifa para las compañías navieras de cargar al embarcador una parte del costo de manejo en la terminal de contenedores que se produce tanto en Puerto como puerto de puerto.

You should press attention[editor]
To derive the risk at each stage, clear indication of responsibilities is required. At airports and seaports damaged, it differs from other country at the time. While flying in air transportation and include Pathipo land transportation if also sailing in the sea. Pretty matches(matching match) Best Choice Products Product

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