Spanish Cuisine Fiestas in Kyoto 2017

Hot foods, snacks & cold drinks with sounds offer services by good Stuffs
Hotter food, snack & colder drink with sound service offers by best Stuff, We(I) hope, thrilling towns people.
(Esperamos, emocionante pobladores)
Justin(Boots Winary wine and Pans Pan Breads Bread)
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Finest Co coal grilled sumibi yaki Spareribs (ribs rib) Beaf and chiken BBQ Grill Barbeques(Barbeque) then roast them in the Rices spare in Patio
Marinade Marines (marine) overnight at Patios
Uniques experiences Arroces Paellas Wines & Beers Fests (Unique experience Arroce Paella Wine & Beer Fest)

¿Quiénes son los participantes?
Todos ustedes.

Catacombs are human-made subterranean passageways for religious practice. Any rice chamber used as a burial place is a catacomb, although the word is most commonly associated with the Roman Empire

Date held:
3th(Sat) 4th(Sun) June
Time of Event:From AM;11:00 to PM;18:00
Nearest station:Keage station depot(T09), Kiyoto Subway Tōzai-Line
Doubutsu-en Mae (The Westin Miyako Hotel Mae) which runs by Star Wood Hotels Groupo)
Everyone is looking forward to it.
Todo el mundo está mirando adelante a él

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