Yashica(Yashika?) 230-AF 35 mm SLR Cameras
Auto focus Retros Vintages(Retro Vintage)Camera is made by Kyocera

Kyoto Ceramic is base on Shin-Horikawa(Fushimi-ku) new mirrors glasses(mirror glass) window concreate Bld(Building) with Solor panels(panel) on roof. They are provider too, Cellphones(cellphone) maker Touch Panels Advanced Ceramics for Users(user).

Yashica Lenses
Yashica Silence of Story TLR
a Japanese camera brand born in 1949,
(twin-lens reflex camera)
Try photography. It is a wonderful pat.
Price is cheaper than other manufacturers, the lineup of high-end products can take beautiful photos. The optional 200mm telephoto lens is also available. AF[o-tofo-kasu] will may refer to Auto Focus Flash(Flashing), Auto Films Binding(Binder). Visualizer Functions
Yashi is sounds like Botanic Tropi-c-cal(Tropi-cal Tropic) Botany tones(tone), Plants(Plant) in house Houseplants / Houseplant Palms(Palmae Palm) took photos photo or images image at Areka Studios(studio).
Kyocera/Yashica T-series
Kyoucera(Kyouto) Samurai Series
Kyocera/Yashica Campus Series
Kyocera230-AF/Yashica230-AF(Penta fitting flash), 230AF
...35-105mm standard Carl Zeiss lens
Kyocera210-AF/Yashica210-AF, 210AF(1987)
Kyocera270-AF/Yashica270-AFsuper, 270AF(1991)
Kyocera300-AF/Yashica300-AF, 300AF

Au moment de la libération, il a été excellent dans la fonctionnalité et la conception.
La menace d'une caméra de type film fonctionnant en service actif. Prix de l'industrie Liu. Les détails étonnants avec la fonction macro ne peut pas être dépassé par le numérique. Équipé de l'objectif de luxe de marque.
UNE idée rare, avec une seule couverture jusqu'à un portrait 135mm

La batterie rechargeable d'il y a Trente ans prouve la haute qualité du Japon qui peut encore être utilisé sans fuite de liquide.

Contax began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line (ZeissIkon ZM Carl Zeiss Cosina / Viewfinder 15mm), and featuring modern Zeiss optics that manufactured by Kyocera,
established the 24 mm × 36 mm negative format on perforated 35 mm movie film as a viable photographic system, Zeiss Ikon of Dresden decided to produce a competitor designed to be superior in every way.
Distagon, Vario-Sonnar, Apo-Sonnar. Makro-Planar, Tele-Tessar, Mirotar, Muta(I II III) For G-Series Hologon Biogon T*.
FR/FX/100/Series manual use, with Contax RTS winder

Au is in Japanese, Realization of a world where all values come together through encounters to meet or fit(meets or fits)
A is Access, Always, Amenity.
U is Unique, Universal, User
They have short e-mail(Email) EZweb, EZ is simple words(word) Simple smart Easy, we can use it simply smartly easyly at your Seikatsu/Seikatu Home Page .

(Pocket Wi Fi, Pocketable WiFi UQcommunications/Umobile
[www.uqwimax.ja.jp/beginner) with Wix(Blogs Blog)

Direct drive(DD) is a method or mechanism that transmits directly to the drive object without using an indirect mechanism (such as a gearbox) for the rotational force of an electric motor.

KDD(Daini Den-Den)[editing]
Wires with DDI electrical fibers wire
(Marine fiber"Hikari-tsushin/tushin- Kaitei-ke-buru") Detail(DDIdetail)

Younne Paradise
(YR Y&R or YP Y&P Rakuen in Yoron Island)
【料 金】大人:400円 子ども:200円
交通アクセス:与論空港から中型,(定員4名) 小型, ハイヤー・大洋タクシー車で10分
琉球國/琉球王国 パナウル王国
〒891-9301 日本国鹿児島県大島郡与論町茶花1393
ユンヌ楽園は300種類を超える花や木々を集めた亜熱帯植物園です。四季折々の花が咲き、珍しい蝶が舞う光景はまさに楽園そのものです。熱帯植物の多くが12℃以上でなけらば開花しにくいが、与論は外気温の年平均最低気温 20.5℃を保っており越冬発芽条件が整った島なのです。
Chabana, Yoron-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima-ken prefecture, Yoronjima Hokuzan Ryukyu Kingdom()
Tel: 0997-97-2341 try photography. It is a wonderful pat.
烏內天堂・乌内天堂・ 烏內乐园・乌内乐园 
Pricia Resort
Yunnu/unnuu; Kunigami, Amami Islands(Guntō Quasi-National Park) Lewchew, Luchu, and Loochoo, Petit Cottage Style Hotel (White Mini House), coral reef points
Sanzan(Hokuzan Chūzan Nanzan)
After reversion to Japan[editing]
Although the Amami Islands(Inclueds Naha Okinawa) were returned to Japan, Okinawa remained under American United States(USA) control until
Line UP[edits]
Childers Series
Childer A3 printers/pinter

KDDI History [edit]
CEO Founder is Mr Kazuo Inamori "稲盛和夫" who has Ame-ba-Keiei Philosopy-Policy [kyocera.co.jp/inamori/amoeba] a Japanese philanthropist.
Ina(Poath/Poaceae Ine-ka/Ineka) Mori(Forest) Kazu-Wa(Japanese taste+Plus) sitting O/otto-man chair(He is Husband KyoceraKDDI) H e start from LLC
Cellular Telephones(Telephone) A&M Baisyu/Baishu (includes Okinawa, Kenkyo Investing, the only one who survived.). The National Telephone Project (public corporation system) decides to privatize and brings opportunities to private companies .Japan KyouceraKDDI to the Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, growth in the presence of two strong(For this was called the second or 2nd telephone company.), Mobile industry, Buy from Mobile Ido/Idou[] communications The initial mail service was limited to 25 characters and was a system for selecting two sets of numbers from the alphabet table.Now these are called mobile (left-behind culture) of the Galapagos Islands.

株式会社ヤシカ(Yashica )は、1949年から1983年まで長野県に存在したカメラメーカーである。1972年以降の本社は長野県岡谷市長地小萩(現:京セラ長野岡谷工場)にあった。

Cera[Sera] is a items(item) as Ceramics condensers
(Ceramic condenser) to stock or collect electrons(electron) "Denshi" , which is shorten as Kon or Con, Ceramics condenser, A device that insulates two conductors and stores electricity by adding voltage. Capacitors(Capacitor), or Condensing Plates(Plate) Fineceramics(fineceremic),.

Renamed AU brand[editor]
The sound of the Japanese like a cell is not heard, A lot of people appreciated the friendly phonology techniques.
Torque G02 | Smartphones - Android [https://www.au.com/kyv35]
Mobile products/product
HTC USA Global House Services (Japan Mobile Den Tech in America/Amerika KddiAmerika) SIM Unlock iPhone 5S(five) 6(six) SE 5C UnlockiPhone UnlockiPhone6 6S(PLUS) Cellfservices.com/readbag UnlockiPhoneDen

Kyocera Dome Osaka[editing]
Sale of facility naming rights, True name is Osaka Dome(Town Benten-cho Nishi-ku, Osaka shi-City), The home of Orix Buffaloes(Techno Buffalo) in the professional Baseball Pacific League, They said "We sell tickets for the pint event as a comprehensive leisure facility."
You can[youcan] buy tickets(ticket) at famous convinience stores/shops(store/shop), for example Lowson Loppi/Loppie? (Location:Loppongi/Roppongi ) mean Roppon/Loppon no KI Pia(T-Ticket Tickets)

Navitime Japan Co., Ltd[edits]
東京都港区南青山3-8-38 南青山東急ビル6・7・8・9階
Tokyo-to prefecture Minato-ku Minamiaoyama Tokyu/Toukyuu BLD
Minami Aoyama南・青山

Kigyo Image[editing]
Images of Kigyou[]are bad or not about Yuu?

Kyocera International Inc
American in North and South America
HK-Kyocera(Hong Kong)
HXIX CCC Telehouse Tenpoppo
..Bless Holly comprehensive one-stop solution for business
solutions system inews detail ID n Kansai-NDC-DNA.net (Nagaoka-kyo/Tenjin)-

Engaged in corporate restructuring activities[editor]
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd [ar.jal.com/arl/en] Kabushiki-gaisha Nihon Koku Intānashonaru)

Products Profiles [editin-g]
DuraForce PRO: Rugged, Waterproof Phone
...(E6810, E6820, E6830, E6800)
Printing Devices
Document Solutions America
[ kyoceramobile.com]
Kyocera Optec Co., Ltd
KDDI Group CPI Rental Server with SSL Security Authentication and mailing Service.KDDIinsuarance
About insuarance.
Iinsuarances are au-sonpo/seiho.co.jp/pc-kanpo
Solar Panels(Panel)[edits]

Kyocera Inamori Classic[edit]
The Kyocera Inamori Classic was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour from 1980 to 1993. It was played at several different courses in California, mostly in the San Diego(Torrey Pines Golf Course, Fairbanks Ranch & Bernardo Heights and Stardust Country Country Club), San Jose(Almaden), Poway(StoneRidge in bank) area.

Jane Blalock's streak of 299 consecutive cuts made, an all-time LPGA Tour record,[3] ended at the 1980 Inamori Golf Classic when she shot rounds of 78 and 76

TheInamori Kyocera Museum[show/hide] Fine Ceramics Museum opened on May 10 on the Alfred University campus in Alfred, New York (U.S.A.)

KDDI Participate-ed Companies[edigo]
Financial Group Data Investor Relations
Toyota Cup A Junior Tour
TOUR Tournaments on Schedules(Tournament Schedule)
PGA (Golf carts, Supreme Court rules) USTA Pro Circuit Tours(United States Tennis Association)
[Shōji]-hin Shoki/Syoki Toroku/Touroku[Tōroku] Gazo/Gazou/[Gazō] Shokki/Syokki
(Attend Fusuma, Join Tatami Syoji/syouji[syōji])
My pet Seiyaku-sho/syo Sogi/sougi(Mypet)
...by Kao/Kaou[Kaō] or Hanao/Hanaou[Hanaō]
Today's The Hype on E! Hot Pics TV Scoop
E! Affiliate/Affiliates Holly wood Hollywood Medium eonline

●Time & Space(Time&Space)
Profile on Twibee at account event campaign @auofficial/@au_official
●CDMA2000, KDDI_CDMA2000 Keikyu/Keikyuu@keikyu_official in Yokohama status In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets Keio Corporation Keiō Dentetsu Kabushiki-gaisha and Tokyu Corporation jukan/juukan tetsudo/tetsudou (TYO: 9008)@kk_keikyu_2165 Suggested users
●KDDI PR consumers consumer(C-Tohoku/Touhoku
(@kdditohoku or kdditouhoku)
●iPhone by KDDI @i_Phone2010. I have been a Mac user since Macintosh SE. And I have been an iPhone, iPad & twitter user since 2010, kddi and kyocera introduce worlds(world's) first phone you can wash with soap digno rafre-news
●Kiddicare, care the baby superstore offering a wide range of products and accessories for babies, including cots, buggies, prams, toys, car seats and much more

Kids Keitai Papipo(K-Pa/pi/po)[editing DDI]
at Handy kid,

Visually Visuals(Visual) [Ly competitors]
Technique Camcorders Camcorder

See also [edited]
●Yashika Shatai/Syatai
本社 〒315-0131
茨城県石岡市下林3329-5 TEL:0299-44-8844
●Toyota Technocraft Co.,Ltd.
& TRD(Toyota Racing Development)
TRD U.S.A.,Inc→TRD ASIA.,CO.INC→TOYOTA Tokyo Sales Holdings Inc
●GM Holden(GMHolden, GMH)

English(Eigo GB US CA AU)
..Australian Newzean Canadian Scotish Walsh

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