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Insto is starting melody (merody?) of music songs against a melo or b melow origin from melodius melodies.

Instruments is instrumental playing musical instrument for example strings and steals or wooden pipes hornes, keyboards and skined Drums melodys

Stringed instrument[edit]
Bouzouki, Charango, Guitar Mandocello, Mandolin, Sitar, the 8-string Ukulele Viola Violin(Vioala Violine viora vioara)

Inpact drive machinary Cordless power machine tool used for Inpacter Driver(Inpacts drives useds for Inpacters Drivers machines tools machinarys machinaries), Pentagonous Allen pentagon wrench(Pentagono Five angles) and Hexagonous Hexagon(Six angle)

Seal Tape useing sealer tapeler(Seals Tapes useings sealers tapelers)

Staple use stapler(staples uses staplers) for Papers Walls Ceilings Roofings(paper wall ceiling)

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