Dutch flowers

Hollanden is a famous water Hollant landlocked country, but many marshes, lagoon city as a producer of wind and pinwheels(pinwheel,) and flower (Airborne Air transport exports and imports) airlift is thriving. Representative, tulips and carnations floras(Flora) by floriculturists (floriculturist) there.

Een land, maar vele moerassen, lagunestad is als producent van wind en auto's en bloem (export en import) airlift bloeit.
Vertegenwoordiger, tulpen en anjers er.

Tulip are called Turip/Tuurip[tūrip], or Turippu / Tuurippu [tūrippu] (enkelvoud Japons), Turips / Tuurips[tūrips], or Turippus / Tuurippus [tūrippus] (meervoudsvorm)

Carnation, It is loved as a gift on the anniversary day of Mother's Day.

Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina van Oranje-Nassau Dutcherest

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